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Trader Joes, BPA free listing.

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  • Trader Joes, BPA free listing.

    I have heard here and there about select products that were BPA free but I was not able to get a full list of what Trader Joes items were BPA free and they don't bother advertising it on the cans, frustrating! I believe I even did some searches here and couldn't find what I was looking for - so I wrote them and asked... their answer is below, hope all you PBer's find it helpful.

    As you can imagine, we have received quite a few BPA-related inquiries as of late, and it is important to us that you feel educated and empowered when shopping at Trader Joe's. On that note, here is the deal with BPA: Regarding foods packaged in Tetra, all Tetra Pak is BPA-free. The same goes for all of the plastics we use (i.e., our plastic water bottles, cookie tubs, etc.) All of our canned fish, chicken, and beef are now in BPA-free cans EXCEPT: sardines, crab, Cherrystone clams, & oysters. Our suppliers are working on a 2012 BPA-free solution for these exceptions.

    All of our canned fruits and vegetables (including but not limited to tomatoes, beans, and the organic canned pumpkin, which is a seasonal item) are in BPA-free cans EXCEPT: mandarins, hatch chilies, artichokes, organic baked beans. We are working on an early 2012 BPA-free solution for these products, as well. Coconut Milk is also in a BPA-free can. All pet food is in BPA-free cans.

    Some further info: every glass jar item has a metal lid. All metal lids DO have a layer of BPA coating, but there is coating of another material put on top of the BPA coating. Thus, there is no direct contact of BPA to food. We have conducted multiple supplier testing results showing there is no BPA detected from metal lids. Finally, all of our canned soups and stews (including Joe's Os) are in cans that DO have a BPA lining. Some of our suppliers are expecting they will be able to make transition next year. I hope this helps!

    Customer Relations
    Trader Joe's

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    Thank you for this! Love the costomer service of TJ's higher powers and local staff alike.
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      Excellent info! They should put this in one of their Fearless Flyers.


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        I think that is great information (I can't use it because we don't have Trader Joes here), but I would offer some caution when it comes to using BPA free plastic. You need to ask yourself what the BPA has been replaced with...I think it is used to make the plastic rigid or something ... another chemical and just what might it do?
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          I love Trader Joe's. Even though I know they secretly wish I was a vegetarian, they don't get pushy about it like Whole Foods does, and they really do listen to their customers.

          I need to make another trip there this weekend.


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            This is great! Thank you!
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