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  • Funny White Beard Hairs

    So I went primal last year and lost 35 pounds and felt awesome and great and all that.

    But this year I let myself go and ate donuts and raviolis etc. Needless to say, I've gained the weight back.

    So I keep restarting my primal diet/lifestyle and then stalling, and restarting and stalling, and I kid you not.... I plucked like 5 beard hairs that were alternating patterns of brown white. Like a frickin zebra.

    The natural conclusion: Hair going white/grey is totally affected by diet. Going grey, eat primal!

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    I have found this is true for me as well. Also my hair is curlier when I am being really strict with my food. I do hair for a living so I am fascinated by the fact that you can look down a hair shaft and see such significant changes caused by the diet.


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      I've also noticed that my beard grows faster and thicker than preprimal. I have to shave at least 3 times per week now compared to once before. If only it would grow on my head!
      There's a man who walks beside me, he is who I used to be, and I wonder if she sees him and confuses him with me.
      Jason Isbel