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Is 2% Greek Yogurt Ok?

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  • Is 2% Greek Yogurt Ok?

    Hi all,

    I know that full-fat Greek yogurt is preferred, but it only comes in plain flavor and I find the taste repulsive. Is 2% still ok or should I just avoid it all together if I can't eat full-fat? The 2% kind I've been buying is Chobani.


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    2% is not okay if it's not plain-flavored. Flavored yogurts are packed with sugar. If you don't like the flavor of plain yogurt, then just add some fresh berries to it.


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      Eh, yeah, there's definitely some sugar. Any other suggestions other than berries to mask the taste of plain yogurt? Honey I guess would work. Although honey has sugar...


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        Generally, flavored yogurts contain sugar or some type of sweetner so I stick with plain. Full fat would be better of course, but 2% could be worse. The sad thing is I can't even find full fat and hardly any 2% where I live.


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          Maybe some stevia? I'll do stevia and berries with cinnamon as a treat sometimes.


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            You could always just stop eating yogurt...

            But if you really want to keep eating yogurt (but don't know why you would since you hate the taste) then you could 1) try any other fruit other than berries. What about bananas? They are delicious in yogurt. You could even drizzle a little bit of honey over it. 2) Sweet potatoes. I know this sounds weird, but I think it tastes good. 3) Nuts or nut butter


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              Raw honey + vanilla extract mixed in with yogurt is good.

              Or the thawed frozen berries and some vanilla.


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                I love peanutbutter and cinnamon and stevia stirred in.
                Or just stevia vanilla and cinnamon.


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                  if you don't like yogurt without the sweetener, then its the sweet you like not the yogurt.

                  You could just not eat yogurt if plain doesn't work for you. Try different brands though. They all taste different.

                  I like my full fat plain (greek or not) yogurt with frozen blueberries and a little drizzle of honey.
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                    I found that the only Greek yogurt palatable for me is Fage (pronounced "Fah-yeh") plain (either 0 or 2% because the markets near me don't get the whole-milk version), to which I add a cup+ of fresh (ideally organic) blueberries or diced strawberries or raspberries; sometimes I also add a sliced banana. All other brands don't taste right to me; no idea why. But if you haven't tried Fage plain with fresh berries mixed in, I highly recommend you try it.
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                      It's hard to find full-fat yogurt anymore, so I use 2% Fage, add in a tablespoon of cream, smashed up blackberries, a small spoonful of Splenda, coconut, and top it off with Paleo Crunch. Yum!
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                        I like adding sliced almonds or pecans. It cuts the sourness just a bit, without adding any sugar. But it's also delicious with honey or Grade B maple syrup. I love the Fage brand, but also get the Cabot brand here in New England. I would not recommend the Trader Joe's brand. Inedible!


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                          I thought you wanted to get rid of all simple sugars including lactose? I love Greek yogurt and have been eating all non-fat plain but was considering a switch to full fat but am concerned about sugar making my high trips worse.