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Whole 30 best way to jump start Primal?

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  • Whole 30 best way to jump start Primal?

    So, I have only been eating Primal for a month, maybe a week more. Like a lot of people I lost some water weight immediately and then stalled after 2-3 weeks. I am a female, over 40, with decades of high carb and high sugar eating habits.

    From what I have gathered, a healthier, fitter person can do 80% primal and see results. But, someone like me with sugar cravings and years of bad habits might struggle more. By struggle I mean detox issues with slow weight loss being one. And struggling with cravings. (Those little nibbles of dark chocolate or a teaspoon of honey in my tea seem to wreck my resolve.) So, I am wondering if I would be better off doing something like Whole 30 and being really strict with things like sweeteners and dairy until I get more control and start to see some weight loss and increased energy. Or, can I just keep at Primal and give my body lots of time to adjust?

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    Different things work for different people. You can certainly give Whole 30 a try and see how you feel on it.

    Also: Are you doing any exercise? If not, add in a walk a few times a week.

    Speaking of which, it's gorgeous out and the birds are chirping and it's not too hot. Off for a walk!
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      I am being a short term lurker and is kind of interested in this "whole 30" people keep talking about. I have been 80/20 primal for a couple of weeks and would love do it the whole month of june. Can someone please direct me as to where i can get more info and read about it?
      Thank you


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        Our philosophy, program and community | Whole9 | Let us change your life.

        I think it would be valuable to try the whole 30. I believe the primary value is to clear your system of things you may have been reacting to without realizing it. Then when you reintroduce those things, you have a better idea whether you are tolerant or not.

        I did not do a whole 30 myself. I didn't even know what it was. But I did eventually gravitate toward a diet mostly of meat and veggies and sweet potatoes. I believe it was valuable for me to eat only that because I felt so good. It showed me I didn't need the things I used to eat to eat satisfying delicious meals or to have high energy.
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          Thank you Sbhikes, I did a quick review of the link you sent me. It is unfortunate that there is no list of the foods I can eat, free of charge under the whole 30.