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How often do you cheat?

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  • How often do you cheat?

    And how do you fele about it?

    In my 5 months of being primal I've cheated maybe 5 times
    With beer mostly. Nudels, pizza (was not worth it) hamburger with the bun.

    I try not to stress over it. My soicial life is important to me..
    Everything is bad for something - How do you feel today?

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    This is a lifestyle not a diet. There are no cheats only non-primal indulgences.


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      Originally posted by Lynna View Post
      This is a lifestyle not a diet. There are no cheats only non-primal indulgences.
      That's the way I try to think of it. I had a piece of cake on Mother's Day. Not sure when the nexy occasion will be since I'll make cocnut flour cupcakes for DS' birthday. This WOE is finally working for me, so I don't often feel like eating non-primal things.


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        i indulge in non-primal foods maybe a couple of times a month. at first, i was ridiculously strict about my the point where i was missing out on great things. now, if i'm with good friends, or doing something with family, i let go of things a bit. the way i see it, being primal transcends the diet portion into all areas, including the tribe. if my friends and family are celebrating something with pizza and cake, i'd rather celebrate with them than sit alone in the corner thinking about insulin resistance. how do i feel about it? super (though, physically i might feel a bit bloated afterward)...just don't make it a daily thing.


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          I stick to the diet about 90-95% (I eat dairy as part of my regular diet however - not giving up my lattes or Greek yogurt!). There are some things I don't cheat with, though, like anything grain-based - pizza, cookies, beer, etc. But I'll cheat with something like flourless chocolate cake or ice cream, or sometimes when I go out with friends, I'll loosen up and eat things that surely have SOME non-primal ingredients, but are generally decent - e.g. Indian curry buffet I had yesterday. I skipped the rice and naan, but I had some butter chicken, tandoori salmon, and goat curry.


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            I never eat non-primal food more than once a week. Either I'll do a meal or if feel like it I may do a day but not usually. More often than not I'll fast up until the "cheat" meal. I also alternate one month with "cheat" meals/one month strict to detox a little. My thing is no more than once a week or less and keep it to one day only. Never let one meal/day become 2 days, etc. It works for me. Plus, my wife and her extended family aren't primal so this allows me to enjoy the foods that they eat with them. They're all Czech and the homemade desserts are ridiculous. I don't stress about it as I'm at an ideal weight for me. I think that's the key. If you have a cheat meal or day, choose wisely and don't stress about it. Eating bad food doesn't make you a bad person. I used to think like that and it's stressful. You can't un-eat it so don't worry about it. Just get back on the wagon - whether you fell off or got down intentionally. I will say though, that if you still have a lot of weight to lose than less often may be a better choice but that depends on your goals and how quickly you want to reach them.
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              Might have about 3-4 "cheats" a month which could all be in one weekend as it depends what's going on. As PrimalRob said " i'd rather celebrate with them than sit alone in the corner"


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                I drink dry red wine a couple days a week and have dairy daily (non-homogenized whole milk in coffee, a couple tbsp of cheese). As far as "cheats" go I haven't yet had something that was not occasionally allowed on Primal. I am going to a wedding this Saturday. I don't exactly know what is being served for dinner, but I remember selecting chicken... So I would assume this meal is not going to be very primal, but I can't be sure. I'm not a desert person, so I doubt I will be tempted to indulge in cake. I will have a couple glasses of red wine. My DH and I have gone out numerous times while I have been on primal. We have simply gone to restaurants that we know serve local ingredients and am generally okay to eat something on the menu to remain within primal. I have not felt restricted in any capacity, so I have not felt the need to sway from the general PB guidelines (to this point). I'm only on day 24... so, I'm sure the day will come eventually.


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                  I cheat maybe 2 or 3 times a month, and its almost always when were having Mexican food. I can easily skip cupcakes, pies, sweets, pizza and what used to by my daily PB&J, but there is no way I cant skip a good Mexican meal, I just love it to much. So I make that my reward. I dont eat the rice, but I love the re-fried beans, with some good Carne-asada, and Flour tortillas, and good tortilla chips and Salsa are my kryptonite. There have been times where I've gone out and had the Fajita mix without the Tortillas, but sometimes I just need a good Burrito, or some good old tacos.


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                    I eat a tiny bowl of Haagen Daz about 2-3x a week after dinner. Is this a cheat? Shrug. I prefer the Primal indulgence reference.

                    Oh and about twice a month I'll have a half sweet Latte. Again, no biggie to me. That's it (if you consider that a cheat)


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                      I tend to stay as Primal as possible as often as I can. Some days I feel brave and venture off the reservation, but this is usually about 2-3 times a month at most. Today I had some cookies (Oreoes...yummy ) after my breakfast and felt all right about it. I was in control the entire time and I think that's what's most important. I can "cheat" a little and not nosedive into a full out binge. That's the big thing I think.
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                        It depends what you mean by "cheat". Which in turn depends on what you mean by "primal".

                        So what do you mean by "primal"?


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                          Whenever I feel like it, really. It usually ends up being once or twice per month, sometimes less, sometimes more. It depends on what's going on. It's almost always some type of cheesecake or huge dessert.


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                            If you don't consider cheese, greek yogurt, and a lindt 99% bar 3x a week a cheat, then I never cheat. I wish I was mentally capable of doing so once in a while . But I'm sure that WHEN I cheat, it will be like an entire pint of ice cream so maybe it's a good thing I almost never cheat
                            well then


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                              There are no cheats if you define your lifestyle as "mostly primal whenever possible." Either eat primal foods or don't, and accept the consequences. I eat "primal approved" foods most of the time, without regard for ratios, percentages, macros, calories, weigh ins. And I feel better for it. When I CHOOSE to eat non-primal foods I do so knowing that there's a chance I'm going to feel less than optimal afterwards.
                              *My obligatory intro

                              There are no cheat days. There are days when you eat primal and days you don't. As soon as you label a day a cheat day, you're on a diet. Don't be on a diet. ~~ Fernaldo

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