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Reaction to alcohol completely different?

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  • Reaction to alcohol completely different?

    Does anyone have a completely different reaction to alcohol than pre-primal / Paleo?

    I feel like the effects are so much stronger than before and now I have new negative reactions.

    I normally drink a glass or two of red wine when I drink. Now, not only does it disrupt my sleep, it gives me vivid nightmares. It's awful!

    My other spirit of choice is vodka on occasion. My tolerance has gone way down and not only do I not feel well the next day even after a small amount, I've noticed a huge emotional change where I feel very blue the next day.

    It kind of irritates me even though I know alcohol isn't exactly good for you, it's bothersome to not a drink on occasion without very noticeable effects.

    Anyone else experience this? Is there an alcohol you've had better results with?

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    Originally posted by McChunky View Post
    Now, not only does it disrupt my sleep, it gives me vivid nightmares. It's awful!
    Yeah, it can do that. IMO, it's best not to drink too late in the evening, if that's possible.

    Red wine is probably the Primal alcoholic beverage of choice, because it contains resveratrol.

    If you like spirits, then ones with stronger and more interesting flavors -- Scotch malt whisky, for example -- taste more interesting because they contain more congeners. But it's said that the congeners can contribute to hangovers. Probably a clear and relatively neutral spirit like vodka or tequila is less likely to give you a headache.


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      I avoid grain-based spirits, beer and wine. Wine never did agree with me.

      Now tequila...THAT never has a negative effect
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