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    Hello everyone,

    I've been here quite a while. I work in computer security and lately Steve Gibson , a well known Computer Security Expert (and quite the nerd I might add) discovered the low carb way of life. He did a podcast on his experiences and filled up a section of his website with low-carb info. But what's really interesting is the way that he approaches this stuff, he does methodical research and it's fun to follow him as he discovers stuff we all know for a while now. He hasn't discovered Mark's Daily Apple though ! But I think he will stumble upon MDA pretty soon.

    Here's the link to the podcast series he did about going low-carb (called "The Sugar Hill") where you can find transcripts of the podcast.

    GRC*|*The Low Carb Choice**

    And here's his landing page for all his research on nutrition:

    GRC*|*'s Explorations into Healthy Longevity**

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    I find it hard to believe a computer geek wouldn't have found Mark's Daily Apple. Mark's a master at SEO.
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      That's interesting.

      A couple of years ago he did a podcast on vitamin D. Back then he was showing an interest in how vitamin D levels related to our evolutionary history. Evidently he's been digging a little deeper and developing that bent.


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        I think he is not quite on board with saturated fats, he is big on Ron Rosedale and Geoff Bond who wrote Deadly Harvest. I have read both authors books and don't quite agree with all they advocate. I am basically in Mark Sisson's and Robbs Wolf's camp myself. Anyways, Gibson is on the right track. I listened to his pod casts and chuckled at his "AMAZEMENT" at the changes he is discovering.

        I sent an email to Gibson to get in touch with Jimmy Moore and an email to Jimmy to contact Gibson but did not get a response to either one. Gibson does podcasts with Leo Laporte who also is making his way to paleo. Leo Laportes audience is huge and I think Jimmy could leverage the word by interviewing Gibson and Laporte...but like I said, no response to the idea.

        Anyone else have any thunder to get these three guys together for the good of spreading the word? Forum moderator attention! LOL
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        Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
        READ THE BOOK! Robb Wolf says: "Trying to convince people to save their own ass will burn you out."

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          Originally posted by Moochy View Post
          I sent an email to Gibson to get in touch with Jimmy Moore and an email to Jimmy to contact Gibson but did not get a response to either one.
          Smart move on your part, though. Since Jimmy has a weekly podcast he's always going to need fresh guests.

          Jimmy's stuff is great, but sometimes he has to fill in with people who don't quite cut the mustard. The Konstantin Monasterksy show completely misfired. Other guests -- Dr. Luan Pho springs to mind -- were just unconvincing. And some have just smelt really fishy: the coyote story put out by Aajonus Vonderplanitz is a good story, but i don't believe it for a moment, and the longer he talked the more he cooked his own credibility. Dave Osprey and his overpriced coffee is another dodgy customer with a pack of tall tales Jimmy's had on. To be be honest I don't mind Jack Kruse, although i take him cum grano salis, but his putting a link to the "bulletproof coffee" on his site didn't help his credibility with me. In contrast to some of these characters, and some of the guests who don't really have a lot to say and aren't good at expressing themselves anyway, wouldn't you get an articulate guest like Gibson if you could? I think that's one that might well come off now you've planted the seeds.

          And I'm sure you're right on how it could be quite good considering the audience that Leo leverages. It seems to me that Paleo/Primal and associated movements like LCHF in Sweden are fast approaching critical mass. Events where substantial potential audiences are suddenly opened up seem more likely as time goes on.

          Search volume is only increasing:

          Google Trends: paleo diet