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Increased Cold/Flu Symptoms with Primal Diet

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  • Increased Cold/Flu Symptoms with Primal Diet

    I began the Primal conversion about eight months ago and have experienced dramatic health improvements to include the absence of digestive distressed I typically experienced on a daily basis. Unfortunately, over the past several months I have succumbed to cold/flu symptoms every 3-4 weeks. About four weeks ago I had flu "like" symptoms that lasted several days (achiness, fever, chills, sore throat). More recently, I've had acute stomach pains, diahrea, and low energy levels. I would consider myself 80/20 with most of my diet consisting of meat, chicken, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. My cheats include coffee, plain yogurt, honey, and flavored creamer for the coffee. I would consider myself extremely healthy; 5'9", 155lbs, 6% BF, 38yrs old. Although I'm a firm believer in the Primal Diet, I'm still a die-hard ironman triathlete with a majority of my training accomplished at or below 75% of max HR (145-152 BPM).

    Has anyone experienced an increase in cold/flu-like symptoms after converting to a primal diet? Could there be anything I'm missing in my diet?


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    I went from having colds and the flu all winter three years ago to having only a couple of the very mildest of colds the last two. I credit that to getting enough vitamin D3. When I am exposed to a cold or flu, or sense I am coming down, I take a mega-dose for two or three days, like 40,000 IU (way too much to take regularly.)

    Perhaps you should check with your doc to rule out something besides a virus.
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      I'd also suggest keeping a food journal. Certain foods can sometimes trigger low-grade reactions - for instance nose getting a little stuffy, etc. These things are sometimes subtle and delayed enough that it's hard to make the connection unless you have a record where you can see a pattern.


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        Dunno if it'll make any difference in terms of solving your cold symptoms but you could try and add starches like sweet/white potatoes, white rice, yams, etc to your diet on a regular basis considering your are a very active athlete.


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          Thanks for the recommendations. Time to start tracking what I eat to see if I can figure this one out. I will also increase my consumption of salmon, tuna, and eggs in order to get more D3. I do agree that I need a few more carbs and I think potatoes would be a good (guiltless) source. I do have faith in the primal diet. I've experienced too many benefits from going primal to be discouraged! Thanks again.


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            Getting a sensible dose of sunlight is by far the best way to get your D3. On days when you can't get enough sun exposure, taking a vitamin D3 supplement would be advisable. Most recommend 5,000 to 10,000 I.U.'s a day. I haven't been ill a single day since making sure to get enough sun exposure.