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What do you eat on a workout day?

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  • What do you eat on a workout day?

    I used to be low carb all the time no matter if it was a day i lifted/sprinted/did nothing except on lifting days i'd send protein grams through the roof and not so much on the other days.. Then I started upping my carbs and lowering my fat on workout days and then slowly starting to do the same on sprinting/cardio days. Now on workout days i eat very high carb and keep fat as low as possible which has been working for a while in keeping my energy levels up and i saw some fat loss doing this. But lately my weight loss has sort of stalled and i'm wondering if i should or could try doing moderate high fat with high carb on a workout day. Does anyone have experience doing this? Or is this an either or kind of thing high fat/low carb or low carb/high fat.

    I shoot for 140g of protein on workout days and i loves me some starchy carbs which usually come in the form of bananas, plantains, sweet potatoes, berries, and sometimes other fruit. I've also been known to down a can of pumpkin mixed with mashed sweet potato and cinnamon which i'd like to continue doing but not if it will interfer with eating more fat on workout day as i'd like to.

    would say around 70g fat and 150-200g carbs work to get me out of this stall. or should i do something else.