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  • excessive vegetables?

    Hi Everyone

    Im pretty new to primal, though had been eating slow carb for a while before that. In the past 6 weeks ive lost about 8kg, dropping from 98kg to 90kg and all the bloating from eating grains has gone, so really happy with the results so far

    What really enabled me to embrace primal was discovering how easy it was to stir fry a load of mixed vegetables in butter with a minimal sauce. So i started eating monster vegetable portions with a good slab of meat, but im starting to think that maybe its not necessary to eat so much?

    As an example, my lunch will typically be:

    200-300 grams of meat
    1 head of broccoli
    1 head of cauliflower (or half a head if its a particularly large cauli)
    half a bag (50g) of kale
    half a bag (200 grams) of sofrito mix (diced carrot, onion & celery)
    few cloves of garlic
    1 low salt organic veg stock cube

    or alternatively an entire bag of sofrito (400g) with kale or similar

    While it tastes great, i started to wonder is this overdoing it. Typically i`ll have another large meal in the evening of stir fried vegetables and meat.

    is this much veg unnecessary? What do you guys think?

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    Do you feel good eating like this?


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      yeah i do, just thinking of the cost of the vegetables and time etc.

      I exercise quite a lot (muay thai twice a week, yoga once and weightlifting once) and do want to gain muscle. how does my meal compare to others' with similar goals?


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        I think it's important for you to gauge what you're doing based on how you feel and how well it's working for you. If you feel great eating a ton of veggies, and the cost/time involved is acceptable, then keep doing it, regardless of how it compares to what other people are doing. The more posts you read on this forum, the more you'll probably realize that everyone has VASTLY different needs - some people eat very high fat and low carb, others can't digest high fat, some people alternate high fat/low carb days with low fat/high carb days, some people are allergic or intolerant to specific foods or food groups, some people need to eat higher calorie, while others struggle to keep calories low, it's neverending how many differences there are.

        For example, I LOVE vegetables and fruits. I was eating a ton of them, but I also suffer from IBS, which got significantly worse when I cut out grains and increased fruits/veggies. I've discovered that my digestive system can't handle a lot of fiber, so even though I wish I was eating as many vegetables as you are, I just can't - I have to make sure that I don't eat lots of fruits and veggies or else I'll get terrible pain and gas. But there's no reason you should limit yourself based on what my needs are.