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How to get enough healthy calories without too much meat?

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  • How to get enough healthy calories without too much meat?

    My parents believe bread is healthy and "too much" red meat is bad. But they accept that I believe it's the other way around so they let me eat pretty much of it anyway. But not more than about 1.5-2 lbs a day. I also eat quite some fruit. But how do I fill myself up for the rest of the day? I can eat a lot of eggs.. Or cheese and yogurt. But is what are too many eggs? Or is there no limit?
    I however do think there's a limit on yogurt correct?
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    Are you eating vegetables, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and similar? Because that will fill you up too. You need to eat your veggies.


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      I eat enough vegetables but I don't really consider them energy-rich, yeah and maybe I should eat some more sweet potatoes.. I currently eat about 3 a week
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        In terms of filling you up, sweet potatoes are a pretty good choice - if you are active, healthy and lean gorge yourself on more than 3 - you could have 3 in a day PWO or something - you can even have them on resting days if you like. White rice may be a possibility depending on whether you feel fine with it. Eat eggs until they fill you up, dairy you can have it as well, eat it until it satisfies you and get no unwanted consequences.
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          There's not really a limit to eggs I think. Just that butting all your eggs in one basket is never a good thing. So apart from plenty of meat, eggs, some cheese and the fruit that you already eat there's the starchy vegetables already named and lots of oil over salads. They really can't argue with olive oil and coconut oil, can they?


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            I think your only limit for yogurt or anything else is how much gas it'll make you produce. Anyway, I made a sweet potato fried in duck fat. It was hard for me to eat the whole thing (and it was actually half a sweet potato.) You might try frying them in duck or pork fat or heck, just pour melted duck fat over it. Or just lots of butter.
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              Good quality Tuna or other fish, a handful of nuts. And plenty of eggs etc.
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                It makes me laugh when people comment about my eating 3 eggs a day. "The yolks too?! Your cholesterol must be sky high!"

                Anyway, do you like fish? Salmon is my favourite! Mmmm or garlic fried shrimp... load them right up with butter YUM!


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                  Your parents may be concerned about the expense and effort too. If you don't already do so, offer to help with cooking/washing the dishes, and pay for some of the extra meat out of your allowance sometimes - they will realise you are being serious about your health and may be more likely to respect your food decisions.

                  I try to balance meat with fish and eggs. So the number of meals that are meat-based over the course of the week is about the same as the number of meals that are based around fish or eggs. This gives a balance of healthy fats and also, eggs are inexpensive.

                  I eat 2 meals a day and each meal is usually a plate full of various vegetables, then something like a porkchop/fillet of fish/3 eggs plopped on the top. I eat until I feel like I'm going to explode! If I still have room for 'pudding' then I have 1 portion of fruit and/or a bit of chocolate.

                  Variety is the key to feeling and looking great. Be open-minded about what foods you might like and keep trying new types of plants and animals all the time.
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