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Tips for sister with asthma / hayfever

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  • Tips for sister with asthma / hayfever

    hey folks,

    im slowly bringing my sister over to paleo, starting with helping her correct her diet. She suffers from pretty heavy sneezing bouts daily, mainly from dust, but also seasonal hayfever. On top of that she is asthmatic, but it doesnt seem to bother her too much these days.

    Anyway, i was wondering if you guys had any insight into the types of foods to avoid / consume, as well as and multi vitamins etc that she could take that might lessen the severity of her symptoms. Ive done some looking around and have seen that most people recommend avoiding fermented foods. thoughts?


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    The things I would suggest are to have her get her vitamin D3 levels tested and then to supplement to the upper half of normal with a good quality oil based D3. The second thing is to buy some raw local honey and have some every day. Finally - does she do sinus rinses? Regular use of saline sinus rinses can help some people.

    Some people report improvement of seasonal allergies just from going primal - so that may help her by itself.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      I ran into the same issue, not a lot of clear Asthma information available. Each Asthmatic must find what triggers their symptoms. Some is allergy induced, whereas, some are adrenal function. However, since you're taking Singular, your asthma is allergy induced, same as mine. Through my own studies I found that Asthma is a immune disorder. Your body does not fight bacteria or infection very well. Other diseases are very similar such as Multiple Sclerosis.

      Brief Asthma Background: Been taking Albuterol inhaler every 10 days for 25 years. I have had been hospitalized for weeks at a time on multiple occasions.

      The paleo diet will clear your mind and help you seek the inner support to change from within. You are addicted to your inhaler. Everytime your chest gets tight you think of your inhaler. I have been there.

      The supplements that helped me are:

      Magnessium oxide: BRAND: Mag400rx - I dip two pills every 4-6 hrs. It calms the lungs and body.
      Mullien: Will help you kill bacteria and fungis that sits in the bottom of our lungs.
      Vitamin C and A: These will help your body cleanse itself of bacteria daily. min 10,000 milligrams per day.

      For asthma attacks I use: Badger (Aromatic Chest Rub) I do breathing exercises with beard and chest coated. 3 to 4 mins. and Im great.

      Foods: Onions, Garlic, pineapple, ect...

      I recommend this book: Prescription for Nutritional Healing. This book has been around for 30 years and updated every so often.

      More questions? Please direct to my new facebook community page. This 'Ole Paleo House | Facebook