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Loosing too much weight & no appetitie. Can't get out of Ketosis. Help!!

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  • Loosing too much weight & no appetitie. Can't get out of Ketosis. Help!!


    This is my first post here.

    My naturalpath doctor has had me on a paleo diet for a year now to help treat my Candida. I started at 6'-2" 190lbs and am now down to 170lbs (42 y.o. male). Before I started I ate A LOT of refined sugars etc. My nickname was "Cake a Day" Joe at work. I had years worth of antibiotics for Lyme disease and Acne of my lifetime. You get the picture.

    Now that I'm at 170, amazingly my cholesterol is now at 160 instead of 220!! Awesome.

    But now I have a big problem. I'm kinda wasting away. I want to gain a little weight back and cannot because I have NO APPETITE. I look sickly. I am constantly in and out of Ketosis by confirmations of bad breath my wife smells and confirmed with keto urine strips. I have very loose stool every day almost to the point of diarrhea.

    I tracked my carb intake for 4 days and it was typically 180g each day but I'm still going into Ketosis!! My general doctor says I'm starving myself which I agree with him at this point.

    What should I do? I feel very lightheaded because I don't eat enough. My natural path now says I have a blood sugar problem because I should not be in Ketosis at 180g carbs a day. I don't believe her because I think I'm in a weird starvation mode because of the Ketosis.

    What do you guys do after you get to your target weight. What should I do. I feel very sick, queezy etc all the time and can't break this cycle.

    Many thanks for any help or thoughts.

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    Eat, eat and eat.


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      If you have been VLC and are now just adding in carbs, it could take a couple days to knock yourself out of keto (although 4 days seems like a lot). Try bumping up your carbs to 200-300 (not garbage carbs) for a couple days and see how you feel. You might be one of those people that feels like shit on moderate to low carb. With a properly functioning metabolism, you don't need to restrict carbs; they aren't the enemy.

      Make some big ass primal dessert and eat the entire thing. I bet you'll feel better
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        Food I need to avoid:
        Anything with yeast. This kills a lot. So many things have yeast in them including vinegar, breads, condiments etc.
        No wheat
        No processed sugars
        no almonds
        No dairy

        Food I can eat
        Brown rice
        any meats (chicken, fish, pork, red meats)
        Non-wheat grains

        How many calories should I consume a day at my target weight. I don't' work out right now. My goal is to get out and stay out of Ketosis.



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          Seriously: start eating white rice. It's a great way to get lots of glucose, and it doesn't really make you very full. It's empty calories, but they're harmless calories and it's great for weight gain. Give it a shot. You can add it to pretty much everything. One of my favorite things is to add a cup of cooked white rice to a salad. It's like a fajita salad: grilled chicken or steak, white rice, avocado, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and white rice in a cilantro/lime juice/balsamic vinaigrette over a bed of finely chopped romaine. Obviously the cheese is out for you, but no big deal. Actually, I bet you'd be able to handle goat cheese, and that would go very well with that salad. Chevre is awesome.
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            I like most beans. Red, Black, Lentils, garbonzo etc. I love beans but think they don't offer me enough carbs to get me out of the rut.

            I never had a weight problem so when I went on Paleo for other reasons (Candida), I guess it's too much for me to take because I am loosing too much weight. Back when I used to eat cake and cookies all day long, I didn't gain weight and no one could believe it. No with paleo, my body must be starved for carbs.

            I like your idea of white rice. A few others mentioned that too.


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              What is your exercise like? I bet if you you get in a nice workout, your appetite may pick up.

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                I second the white rice idea. Potatoes too. With lots of sea salt and butter. Ketosis is not just from low carb. It is also from starving. You are starving.

                Loss of appetite can be a zinc deficiency. So make sure you are getting zinc either through oysters or a supplement.

                Are you eating a diet with only muscle meat? You should be eating offal too and a few other foods to get vitamins:

                1. Liver once a week.
                2. Oysters for zinc.
                3. Brazil nuts for selenium.
                4. Sea veggies for iodine.
                5. Bone stocks and bone marrow.
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                  Also - make sure you don't have an egg intolerance. That can cause GI upset and nausea as well. But add in the zinc right away.
                  Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                    I'm not sure why you've been advised that you can eat nuts and brown rice as both have a high mold content and mold toxins promote candida growth. White rice does not have a high mold content so that is fine.

                    Also, I recommend sweet potatoes and white potatoes as good primal sources of starch.
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                      I've been there.. Know what you're going through..

                      Avocadoes are loaded with calories & can be added to just about anything.. I love them & eat one whole one a day.. I like full fat yogurt as well.. You mentioned avoiding dairy, but may want to included some cheeses (I'm a goat cheese fan).. I'm not a big "carbohydrate" fan personally, so I'm always looking for more good fat options to add calories.. Drowning a salad in olive oil is an interesting option, certaintly helps me..


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                        Dates. By themselves, or stuff them with walnuts, almonds or cheese. That'll get some calories in ya.
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                          Melt some 100% chocolate in some coconut oil and cool. Take the thick part from a couple of cans of refrigerated coconut milk and whip. Add the chocolate and several tablespoons of tart cherry juice concentrate. Enjoy.
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                            Are you sure you aren't ill? You sound ill. No appetite and and in ketosis sound like an illness more than anything else, and consistent with cancer, although it could be a lot of things. Get down to a real doctor and get checked out.

                            I don't like the sound of those falling cholesterol levels either. Normally they rise on this type of diet, due to greater raw materials for making it.
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                              I am relatively new myself to all this, but I'm thinking you need to give the forum experts a breakdown of a couple days of what and when you eat. Do you know how much fat you are eating? If you can try to include coconut oil and full fat coconut milk in your diet plus increase your olive oil and ghee (if you can have it) consumption. As previously mentioned white rice and sweet potatoes should be added in, too. And yes, you do need to consider you might have other health issues. I can't advise what bloodwork to get, but perhaps a second doctor's opinion?

                              Finally, if you are willing, perhaps you can post the breakdown of your cholesterol numbers... If you haven't had a complete & expanded lipid profile, you should get one taken, definitely.
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