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Higher GI + vinegar + Low fat = Minimized damage? Recipe check

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  • Higher GI + vinegar + Low fat = Minimized damage? Recipe check

    Hi Everyone,

    We all know that a carb heavy diet is bad, and that all our primal/paleo carb sources typically are low GI to moderate glucose levels and the insulin response. It is my understanding that excess glucose causes your body to start indiscriminately storing whatever is in the blood stream. This is my logic behind my personal mantra "high carb + high fat = death"

    Ok so what I'm getting at is what if you made a meal that could moderate some of these factors, while still being relatively nutrient dense.

    Mark has ran articles about quinoa (main objection high GI) and the benefits of red wine vinegar in moderating blood sugar spikes.

    I have made this a few times, and am most likely (out of convenience/need) am going to make it one of my staples to help supplement/feed my protein/carb needs from many high intensity workouts and an active lifestyle:

    Skinless/boneless Chix breast (as natural as you can get it, although I wish they had "Hormone free, fed bugs/worms/animals/seeds")
    Quinoa - choose portion, 1/3 cup uncooked is 8g protein, 37g carbs
    Sauteed veggies - i do peppers, onions, but some spinach/kale/whatever you have will work. veggies for life
    Sauce - 3 parts red wine vinegar, 1 part (or less) of wheat free tamari (like soy sauce), and as much minced ginger as you like. I ballparked this recipe from asian dumpling sauces

    At the end of the day, it should still be rolling more protein than carbs, the fat is low but I assume you'll get that from the loads of butter/bacon other fat sources throughout the day. Plus the vinegar will minimize (what is it, a 25% drop in GI? so now the 53 level of quinoa is around 40.

    Thoughts? Comments? Thanks for reading!


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    If you're going to eat a grain (or pseudo-grain), I would choose white rice over quinoa. White rice has less anti-nutrients:
    Is Rice Unhealthy? | Mark's Daily Apple

    Potatoes are my personal perference, but I know that rice goes better with some dishes (and is cheaper).

    Carbs are not necessarily bad for you. If you can tolerate them without blood sugar problems, they're fine.


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      I see, so white rice is kind of innocent, despite being almost devoid of nutrition. You're willing to overlook all the nutrition advantages of quinoa due to its anti-nutrients? White rice isn't totally devoid of anti-nutrients and it lacks the more favorable protein/carb ratio and vitamins of quinoa.

      Now I see that one may not don't care about this, due to protein sources elsewhere and nutrients from. I'm not trying to jack my carb uptake as much as creating a balanced post workout supplement


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        Quinoa has saponins which are gut irritants. Brown rice might be preferable to white if you took the time to soak and sprout it, but if you're getting plenty of good nutrition from meat and veggies, it won't make much of a difference.


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          Originally posted by kTerminator View Post
          We all know that a carb heavy diet is bad
          We don't know that at all. Plenty of hunter gatherer societies eat high carbohydrate diets with limited fat and are perfectly healthy.

          Fake foods are bad - flours, sugars, processed grains, legumes, diet drinks, etc. There is zero evidence that sweet potatoes are any less healthy than steak.

          Learning From the Kitavans

          The Kitavans is a hunter-gatherer/semi-agriculturalist population whose members eat a diet composed of a whopping 70% of calories from carbs, only 20% from fat, and the remaining 10% from protein.

          Yet with this high carb diet, the Kitavans are exhibiting the absence of obesity and disease that we associate with our standard paleo template which typically prescribes a diet much lower in carbs, much higher in fat, and higher in protein than the Kitavans' standard fare.
          It seems to work for the Kitavans.

          Nothing wrong with eating bananas, sweet potatoes, potatoes, cassava, jicama and other starchy, low fat REAL foods. Wheat flour? Corn? Oatmeal? Frosted Flakes? Not so much. 60% calories from sweet potatoes and bananas? Sounds good to me! 60% calories from bread, cereal, white sugar, HFCS and oatmeal (like the SAD)? Now you're going to have problems. It's not the carbs, it's the individual "food" choices.
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