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  • I need some advice

    I'm trying to make the switch to more primal eating.

    I needs some advice on how to best incorporate the foods into My Schedule.

    Here is my usual schedule.

    Morning - wake up between 8am and 2 pm depending on how late I stayed up.

    Afternoon - between 10 and 2 I usually either just do chores and such or go out with a friend.

    Evening - I work from 4pm to Midnight. I have a desk job and just sit for 8 hours taking phone calls

    Late Night - After midnight depending on My plans I will either stay up with a friend or just chill out and fall asleep before 5am sometime.

    The biggest problem I face is that the only time I am actually hungry is right around 8 - 10 pm. But I am unable to cook for myself while at work. And cooking before work and reheating the food for dinner everyday doesn't sound like the best option.

    I could wait until after I get off(I used to work 2-10pm and would cook after work), but waiting until after midnight seems like a stretch. Also, I have roommates, and although they say it is O.K, I find myself tiptoeing around the kitchen trying to make things, which gets really frustrating over a period of time.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    do you have a refrigerator at work? you could make a big ass salad to take with you. or make something that tastes good cold, like primal pizza or a mayonnaise-y salad like tuna or chicken.. also some hard boiled eggs


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      There is a refrigerator at my Job.

      I could indeed make something that could be enjoyed cold like you said. A large salad could be nice to eat, or maybe a chicken dish. I usually can enjoy chicken cold, but any red meat I have to have a little warm.

      There are microwaves, but I don't necessarily want to use those. I also don't won't to eat a cold dinner everyday.

      Thanks for the reply.

      Does anyone else have any other suggestions.