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    I've had a successful blog since 2009 Primal Journey so I've just started a Facebook Fan Page as an extension of that. I will be posting heaps of Primal food ideas. If anyone is interested in following my page just click the like here:

    Would be great to have some support from fellow Primal friends

  • #2 inspiring! I hope to (NO, plan to..) experience similar success.

    Thanks for sharing!


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      Thanks heaps jak757! Your welcome


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        Nice! Liked your page, looking forward to seeing what cool stuff you post.
        Went Primal July 25th, 2011.

        Current Age: 25

        Total Loss: 126 lbs

        Starting Stats: Weighed 266 lbs, Body Fat 37.6% (100 lbs), BMI 40.9

        Current Stats: Weight 140 lbs, Body Fat 15.2% (21.1 lbs), BMI 21.2

        Current Goals: Get a stronger core through Pilates and continue being as Primal as I can be.

        My Weight Loss Notes Now on a blog page. It starts with "My Weight Loss: Introduction." Available to the public, share with friends if you'd like!


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          Thanks guys! It seems to be growing super fast Trekfan I hope you will enjoy my postings! Will be mostly about Primal food since I'm such a foodie!!


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            Thought I would do an update! I have almost 5000 followers on my primal journey page now Feel free to come on over and see what I'm posting about! Mostly food pics and recipes


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              Link to Facebook page is


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                Dollface, you're the reason I found MDA and primal blueprint, through a link on Facebook. So. . . THANKYOU.
                Annie Ups the Ante