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Question about high PH levels

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  • Question about high PH levels

    Hello all,

    I'm new to the Primal lifestyle (5 weeks in) but I'm really seeing some good results. I wanted to get your thoughts on something that happened to me this week. For some reason this week when I would use the bathroom I would experience a burning sensation. I've never felt this way before. Worried that it was a prostate issue I went to see my family practice doctor. He ruled out prostate issues and said my urine was as acidic as it could get. He asked if I had changed me diet recently and I told him about the Primal Blueprint. He'd never heard of it (no surprise) and wanted to prescribe me some sort of medication to help numb the burning which I declined. Anyway, has anyone else experienced this? Does this high protein low carb lifestyle put me at risk of the dangers of high PH blood levels?

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.



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    You might not be consuming enough veggies in your version of the primal diet. Veggies are known for lowering acidity quite nicely. I'd start with that first.

    If you don't experience a difference after a while on that tact, try adding a handful of nuts and berries for some good primal carbs to see if that might also help.
    "The cling and a clang is the metal in my head when I walk. I hear a sort of, this tinging noise - cling clang. The cling clang. So many things happen while walking. The metal in my head clangs and clings as I walk - freaks my balance out. So the natural thought is just clogged up. Totally clogged up. So we need to unplug these dams, and make the the natural flow... It sort of freaks me out. We need to unplug the dams. You cannot stop the natural flow of thought with a cling and a clang..."


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      What is your plant to animal ratio? By volume there should be more of the former.


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        Thanks, I'll give it a try.


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          If you feel like it, there's something called Wheatgrass Powder (mix it with water). A couple of serves of that a day would probably help quite a bit.


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            Go more green. And replace some meat with fish.
            Might be a detox thing too! You do not want to know what your body puts in those fat cells. It has to come out obviously.

            Let us know how you did!


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              Hi! You could try drinking water with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar added.
              Also for another quick way to get your PH more alkaline is adding 1/4 teasp of bi carb soda to half a glass of water and drink twice a day. Also as said in the above comments increasing fruit and vegetables helps too!


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                This is a potential problem I see for some people on here who are eating over 50% animal products. It is all acidic. Fruit, veg, and nuts are alkaline. Beef is among the most acidic so try eating more chicken, turkey, and fish. Make sure you eat high quality food.. the more processed a food typically the more acidic.