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Stomach Pain & Burping A Lot

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  • Stomach Pain & Burping A Lot

    Hello Folks,

    My girlfriend has been following my primal diet with some exceptions, notably she still will have a sandwich for lunch M-F and she has some fruit juice watered down in the evening. Otherwise we are pretty strict primal except when we eat out.

    I feel largely fine other than sometimes stomach noises which I assume are normal but she has been feeling bloated, had very loud stomach noises and feels the need to burp. It is painful for her. This has come on in recent weeks (she is also prone to allergy season and is on antihistamines) though her diet has not changed much recently. She doesn't have bowel issues. This has not happened to her historically. She took some probiotics recommended by a pharmacist and that has helped. They seem to start after she eats although this may also be associated with when she lies down on the couch.

    I thought she should research GERD, and I saw Mark's post where he says "GERD sufferers are also advised to steer clear of common “trigger” foods like chocolate, alcohol, mint, citrus, tomatoes, onions, and spicy dishes, and (drum roll, please) fatty foods because they contribute to what’s known as slow stomach emptying, which can make GERD symptoms feel worse. Read more:"

    It is not clear to me though, is that CW to be followed for primal adherents? Avoid fatty foods? Also have those who have had success with GERD noticed a big difference between low-carb and no-carb, I mean for complex starchy carbs? I know that trying to tie these spells to a particular food can also be tricky given that food can stay in your system some days especially if you are having digestive issues.
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    You mentioned your girlfriend is eating sandwiches, maybe she's allergic to gluten?

    I've dealt with GERD for years. Last fall I found out that I'm allergic to gluten, which I now realize was causing the GERD. Over the past six months as I've repeatedly cut flour out of my diet and then back slid (fallen off the wagon and eaten bread-like substances (even gluten free ones)) my symptoms have gotten worse (IBS symptoms, bloating, stomach pains, acid reflux, ... there's a long list).

    Well, I don't know if my symptoms have gotten worse or if A) I'm finally listening to my body, or B) my body was on overload before and I just didn't know what feeling good felt like.

    From past experience I can tell you this, I can vividly remember having a severe acid-reflux attack when all I'd eaten was a bowl of "healthy" cooked seven grain cereal for breakfast. I remember thinking through the list of trigger foods you listed and being so upset that even though I hadn't eaten anything off "the list" I was still having an attack.

    And this, my Dr. put me on a Paleo-ish diet back in November, and I've slowly weaned myself off of Nexium (my heart-burn medication) and the only times I've had heart burn since I stopped taking medication for it are when I've back slid and eaten something made out of wheat. For instance like today, I had two gluten-free rolls at breakfast this morning (with lots of yummy European butter), and now I have heartburn.

    I only found Mark's site back in March, so I haven't been thinking in Primal terms for long, but as for carbs I eat, I'm highly insulin resistant, so I pretty much rarely eat fruit, green apples, and now strawberries now that they're in season. And I eat salads and spinach, asparagus, celery, tomatoes, onions, green peppers, and I juice carrots and make green juices from time to time. Every now and then I have some potato gratin at the cafe around the corner (it comes with the rib-eye steak).

    Over the past six months, I've religiously taken a digestive enzyme each time I eat, taken pro-biotics twice a day (varying up the type so I have a good mix), have eaten lots of kefir (they make it plain, rich, and sugarless over here), and have tried out sauerkraut from time to time. This has definitely helped with digestion.

    A last note, after back sliding, it usually takes me a few days to get back to normal, but when I'm cleanly eating Primal, GERD, acid-reflux, heartburn, and digestive issues are a non-issue. Happy day.

    I just re-read your post and wanted to add this-- (so sorry for being so long winded... ) Maybe your girlfriend is experiencing yeast die-off. I went through an awful, dreadful couple of months with that. After reading Gary Taubes book a year ago, I tried to cut all sugar and starches out of my diet, the first week or so was great, and then I got all bloated and miserable. I toughed it out for a month and then gave up. Then I tried it again last November, did great for the first few weeks, then back slid when after a month of feeling just awful!!!! If it's this issue, and not necessarily the GERD issue, then have her up her probiotics massively! And it might be wise to add in more of the bad carbs and have her taper off more gradually. . . Me, I just fall on and off the wagon, and now 5-6 months later have finally gotten my intestinal flora to a better place. (TMI, I know...)

    Hope this helps,


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      I'm so glad someone posted about this! I've been having the same symptoms over the past week or two. I've been on a low carb diet for about 3 months and have been making the switch over to primal eating the past couple of weeks. Since then I've noticed that I almost always have the urge to burp (especially after eating), and my stomach just feels uncomfortable. I can't figure out why this is, or why it's happening so suddenly even though I've been on a low carb (~30 carbs per day) diet for the past 3 months. The yeast die-off idea is interesting. I'll have to look that up now. Any other info that anyone could provide would be great. I hope your gf feels better soon abexman.


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        Probably not Primal, but I've been supplementing with HCl and digestive enzymes and it has been helping tremendously. I started supplementing bc I have rosacea and read that low stomach acid and/or enzymes can be the cause...side benefit for me is that it has also helped with gassiness


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          So my girlfriend went to the doctor. The doctor told her to stay away some foods (note shown below) including alcohol, acidic foods, fatty/fried foods, chocolate and spicy foods.

          She has been eating some bread/carbs & avoiding coffee and so far it seems to be making a difference - no post eating stomach bubbling. I guess even if the carbs are OK for her bad stomach, there are other reasons to try and convince her to stop them. I suspect it is an accumulation of damage from years of coffee that now gets tweaked every time she has some more coffee. Will try and keep posted. The doctor seemed to be OK with the paleo diet otherwise.



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            Interesting. Hope she's back at 100% soon. I had the same burping/bubbling issue after eating and started taking a probiotic twice a day along with drinking warm/hot water and it has helped so much! I think Lissee was right about the yeast die-off for me at least. Maybe that's something to look into with your girlfriend as well.


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              Does anyone experience burps that smell like an alfalfa field after ingesting Primal Flora? It's constant. Any ideas? Don't really like the issue--it's discouraging...