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Breaking teeth!

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  • Breaking teeth!

    Ive been on a ketogenic / Paleo diet since the start of Feb of this year and am fed up of going back and forth to the dentist with broken and chipped teeth!
    Though he tells me I probably grind my teeth in the night I do wonder if its a deficiency in something relating to my new way of eating.
    Has anyone else found this to be a problem? And what did you do about it?

    I have read it can be a Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency but I get plenty of both so really dont think thats the cause!

    Any suggestions or thoughts?
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    I just stumbled across this concept a couple of days ago, but maybe you need to focus on re-mineralizing your teeth, getting trace elements back into your diet. etc.

    Here are a couple of posts about it:
    How to Remineralize Teeth Naturally | Wellness Mama
    Diet and Tooth Remineralization Strengthen Enamel Naturally with diet, Reverse enamel demineralization;

    I don't have any chipping teeth, but my teeth are sensitive (have been for a while now, long before I discovered the Primal lifestyle) and I can tell they are starting to become a little transparent. Anyway, I've ordered some trace minerals from, and am looking into incorporating bone broth into my diet (make sure to use vinegar, wine, or lemon juice if you make your own).

    Here are some recipes for how to make bone broth, I haven't tried them yet, but am looking forward to doing so:
    Easy Recipe: Mineral-Rich Bone Broth | Balanced Bites | Holistic & Paleo Nutrition Coaching & Seminars
    following my nose...: Five Great Reasons to Make Bone Broth

    Good luck!!


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      Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe | Wellness Mama

      this toothpaste recipe looks interesting, has anyone tried it?


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        I am a dentist and I can tell you that if you are grinding your teeth at night that is why they are chipping and breaking. It has nothing to do with a primal diet. Get yourself a night guard or have your dentist make you one it should solve your problems


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          Maybe you need more K2 vitamin, to get the calcium go inside the teeth and bones?
          I've also read somewhere that too much coffee can make people grind their teeth... But it must be an imbalance in your life or diet, since it started after you went ketogenic I would suppose.

          Phosphorus is also important for strong teeth and bones: The Benefits of Phosphorus
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            I will say this again as a professional . You don't just start chipping teeth from changing your diet especially in a matter of months. If you are grinding your teeth that is your answer. Many different stressors can trigger you to grind your teeth more such as a change in lifestyle. You don't need to start thinking of crazy ways to remineralize your teeth have your dentist make you a night guard and reduce stress 90% of fancy toothpastes are all the same and they won't protect your teeth from chipping and breaking if you are grinding away all night. I doubt Grok even used a toothbrush or toothpaste (I am in no way suggesting we all abandon our toothbrushes and toothpaste although it would help my business)


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              There are tooth protectors/bite plates/mouth guards you can buy at stores.
              If you want one that's a perfect fit, go to a local orthodontist and have one made just for you! It'll safe your teeth!
              I cannot believe that your dentist hasn't suggested THAT!

              Go to a ortho that deals with braces to get one made asap.


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                Actually any general dentist can make you a night guard to protect your teeth an orthodontist will just charge you a lot more


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                  I've also come across the issue of teeth chipping after switching to a primal diet and have been very concerned. My dentist told me pretty much exactly what Drmike stated.

                  About two weeks ago a got a custom night guard from my dentist, which cost $600 (only $300 out-of-pocket after insurance). It was more than I wanted to pay, but each time I fixed a chipped tooth, it would cost about $200.

                  As it has only been a couple of weeks, so I don't know yet if this has fixed the problem.
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                    as far as the tooth paste goes, we make tooth powder simply by mixing calcium carbonate with xylitol- it tastes like powdered sugar! i'd try drmike's suggestion about the dental guard, but i have read that certain trace mineral deficiencies can lead to grinding teeth. it's worth looking into, after you get the dental guard for the interim.
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                      I am going to check the dental literature about a primal diet and tooth chipping. I'll post what I find in the next few days


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                        I suggest you watch these videos for some ideas about how to use diet for remineralizing teeth and reversing damage. This guy eats a primal-type diet and has been blogging and posting about his experiences for some time now, I love his videos:

                        Remineralizing teeth (three part series):

                        Remineralizing Teeth, Enamel and Reversing Cavities (Part 1 of 3) #215 - YouTube
                        Remineralizing Teeth, Enamel and Reversing Cavities and Receding Gums (Part 2 of 3) #216 - YouTube
                        Remineralizing Teeth, Enamel and Reversing Cavities and Receding Gums (Part 3 of 3) #217 - YouTube

                        Reversing caveties through diet and supplements:

                        REVERSE CAVITIES WITH FOOD AND SUPPLEMENTS #360 - YouTube
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                          Originally posted by Catherine View Post
                          Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste Recipe | Wellness Mama

                          this toothpaste recipe looks interesting, has anyone tried it?
                          I make this without the Xylitol and DE. I only started a couple weeks ago, and I really like it. My teeth were less sensitive to heat/cold within just a couple days.


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                            Grinding teeth can be caused by magnesium deficiency for some people - a good quality topical magnesium brine or oral supplement before bed can be helpful.

                            I would second the vitamin D3/K2 combo as being important for bone/tooth health. However, if you are really grinding a lot, I don't think any supplements can save your teeth. You will need to address the cause of the grinding or at least get some guards for when you sleep.
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                              Possibly not your reason, but one of my children grinds her teeth in her sleep if she has too much dairy. I have a broken tooth (a mere $2000 to repair, but that does include removal of other amalgams and replaced with ceramic) due to the amalgam filling expanding and contracting. Hence the removal of the other amalgam so it doesn't happen to my other teeth.