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    Back in my body building days I used to take Dessicated Liver tablets as part of my supplement package. I thought I might add it back into my current Paleo diet since I'm not a big fan of eating cooked liver. Of course it will be important to make sure it comes from organic, free range sources. Just wondered if any of you had any experience or comments. Thanks!

    Here's a review of Dessicated Liver from Dave Draper's blog (Wow I didn't think this bodybuilding star from the 60's was still alive)

    Review: Desiccated Liver Tablets -
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    I've always wondered how a couple of capsules could ever equal the same benefit as a big hunk of fresh liver sitting on my plate. It would be the equivalent of taking one bite. How could that be enough of the goodness?
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      this is an old skool vince gironda recommendation! pretty sure dave draper trained with him.

      short answer - dessicated liver tablets in no way approach the health benefits of eating liver. sorry.


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        I eat a couple of small bites every day. Gironda used to recommend D.liver because it is high in creatine.


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          I have tried the dessicated liver capsules. I think they are better than nothing, but they don't compare to eating liver. I hate liver, but I eat it every week because I can actually feel a noticeable difference in my energy. Keep trying different recipes until you find a way you don't hate.

          I finally found that i can eat curry fried calf liver. It took a long time to find a recipe I didn't hate!
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            Liver from pastured beef, desiccated liver powder, dessicated liver capsules,grassfed liver supplement

            I just ordered this one


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              Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll probably get some and add it to my diet on the weeks I don't cook liver. I'll keep everyone posted on how it impacts energy levels, training etc.
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                I like US Wellness meats liverwurst, diced and tossed into stuff. Also grew to like it plain with other things, as well as with mustard.
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                  I just found a wicked good deal on grass-fed desiccated liver supplements from this website - Highest Quality Health Supplements - Acai Berry, Coconut Oil, Resveratrol, Spirulina & Chlorella, Rhodila Rosea (35% off!!!) but I think the sale ends on Monday (7/14). Just figured I'd let you guys know!