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Last five pounds are killing me!

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  • Last five pounds are killing me!

    I'm a long-time lurker here, and posted some before and after pics a while back. I am really to a place where I feel like my end goal is just around the corner, but I can't seem to drop that last thin layer of sub-cutaneous fat. My top four abdominal muscles are easily visible, lots of definition in shoulders, chest and arms, but there is a "belt" of fat around my middle - about half an inch of pinch.

    Ever since I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I've become religious about the diet - no more 80/20. 100% primal, maybe 80 carbs per day, which come from fruits or nuts.

    I can't lose that last five pounds. It just seems glued on.

    This is no doubt a common complaint, so if there is a particularly useful thread anybody wants to point me to, it would be appreciated.

    What do you guys do to lose that last half inch of pinch?


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    Yep, the last 5 of so pounds is definitely the hardest. How many calories are you eating? Maybe cutting out the nuts might help.
    A weekly refeed might help you break the stall as well. Carb Refeeding and Weight Loss | Mark's Daily Apple


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      Reduce dairy, consider intermittent fasting and sniff yes you may need to cut back on nuts.

      OTOH you might be able to get away with nuts and a little bit of dairy on the IF and maybe calories would be the thing to look at. Read sites like Lean Gains, Lean Hybrid, Warrior Diet, Fast 5 etc for more info.


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        I don't drink any milk; occasional cheese is my only dairy. I should say that my main source of carbs is fruit; my intake of nuts is pretty low (a palmful or two). I love apples and grapefruit, though. Fasting sounds like something I may have to integrate into my routine.

        My main diet: boiled eggs, meat/poultry/fish, grilled or steamed vegg, salads, fruit.

        I'll look into carb-refeeding.