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pH, an alkaline body, and primal eating- anyone else research this?

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  • pH, an alkaline body, and primal eating- anyone else research this?

    I'm trying out this pH balancing shake and I'm a little confused by the contrast between their "studies" and ours.

    First I should say, that within 2 days, my cravings completely changed and I've been eating low-carb for 2 years. My cravings were for things like coffee, wine... and now I can't get enough veggies. So I want to eat and drink things that are both primal and have a decent pH. very odd.

    The part that doesn't make sense to me is that most of the people in the pH camp (think Dr. Robert Young's book) are very focused on meat (and dairy) being quite bad. I looked it up and found that grass-fed beef and raw milk are much less acidic than their farm-raised counterparts.

    Because many veggies are aklaline and starches/sugars are acidic, it seems that in general, between the 2 philosophies, there is much agreement. Carbs are bad. The disagreement seems to be meat.

    But I'm wondering if anyone from this community also looked into pH? Is all this research on meat being so terrible based on our corporate, farm-raised, physically confined, doped up meat sources and that's why it looks so bad?

    By the way, I decided to try this because I just didn't feel great anymore and can't lose those last 10 pounds.


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    Pretty much all animal products and grain are acidic to blood PH but they vary. Typically the more processed the more acidic, especially for grains. Nuts, fruits, and veg are alkaline. Of course your body keeps a steady blood PH at all costs but it may be sacrificing things to maintain it if you eat too much acid.

    From some charts I have seen Fish is in general a lesser acidic animal protein and I stick to it mostly anyway. You can Google charts that detail various foods and where (roughly) on the scale they lie. There is a lot of grey area.. for example what happens when you combine acidic and alkaline foods in one meal.

    You can see how people eating SAD - lots of processed grains, meat, and dairy - might end up with a lot of issues, including weakened bones, from eating like this. As long as we are eating plenty of veg, nuts, and fruit with our meat the balance should be fine. After all, your blood PH maintains at a little above average and into the alkaline zone so some acidic food should be just fine.