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Who's into gristle?

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  • Who's into gristle?

    Looking for some opinions and maybe to spark an interesting discussion.

    The market near me has grass-fed beef from three purveyors. The prices for ground beef between the three range from $5.99/lb to $8.33/lb. I usually buy the middle one ($6.99/lb) because the lower one is kinda gamey and the higher one is more than I want to pay.

    Taste is fantastic but it's pretty darn gristly. Occasionally I have to pick out a piece. Things crunch when I'm not expecting a crunch.

    Got me thinking though... All those little bits and pieces other than the muscle, like connective tissues and cartilage - what I'm calling gristle - are probably a GOOD THING!

    Should I buck up and embrace this as a way to get more of the animal into my diet?

    Who's into these "in between" components? Let's hear it.
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    I like it as long as it's good meat from a butcher and not crappy stuff from who knows where. And as long as it's not actually bone shards, since those can hurt. Pretty much as long as it's small enough to swallow I just eat it. I definitely think it's an easy way to get a wider variety of animal tissues in my belly.
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      You can deal with the gristle by slow cooking. Cover it in whatever fluid you want to cook it in and get it barely simmering. Leave for a few hours, or even better, overnight. The gristle will be broken down into tasty nutritious stuff like gelatine.