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    It has been four days since I started paleo style eating again. Am happy in the sun again. I wouldn't say I am craving it but I am definitely not seeking shade any more. I didn't think about it too much today as I was too busy cutting the grass and nursing my slightly unreliable lawnmower. I think I enjoyed it though. Tan is coming along nicely.
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      Here's the thing - you never really know WHY people do what they do, sometimes even if they tell you. It's all a guess.

      Me? I have blue eyes, so I have to either be in the shade or wearing sunglasses because it just plain hurts my eyes. Plus I don't want more wrinkles from the squinting. I work outside in the desert, so I wear sunglasses all freaking day long, 5 days a week. On the weekends, the last thing I want is to be out in that damn sun for even more hours, giving me an even more bizarre tan than I've already got, so I probably look like I'm some camel spider desperately seeking shade. But it has nothing to do with how I eat.


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        Living where you do it is very hard for you to get too little sunshine no matter what you eat. Not so in colder climates. With your routine sun exposure and the brighter dessert sun I think you would be unlikely to ever crave it.