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Thoughts on Rotisserie Chicken?

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  • Thoughts on Rotisserie Chicken?

    Hi All-

    For those super busy days, does anyone dig into a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store? I bought the original one and stayed away from BBQ or Lemon Pepper flavor... they're sooooo good- it seems like this would be a good, easy source of protein with skin and all, right?
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    I do it but I don't have the time, desire, or resources to be as strict as some at this point in my life. They are super good and my kids and I will rip one to shreds for a quick and easy lunch on grocery days.


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      I wouldn't do it too often. The MSG and veggie oils are the main culprits. If you're anal, there's a small amount of sugar too.


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        I do occasionally. I try to get out to Earth Fare if I can, at least their birds are natural and hormone free (though not free-range) and they don't allow artificial ingredients in any of the products they sell. I do wish they were the giant birds we used to get at Costco for cheap, but we all know why those chickens are so huge...


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          Two words: Slow cooker.

          Pop the whole seasoned chicken in in the morning, and 10 hours later come home to chicken that seriously rivals any cooked chicken you can get in a store or restaurant. You can throw it under the broiler for 5-10 mins to crisp the skin before serving, if you like.

          It requires a little pre-planning, but it's actually easier during a busy evening than stopping at the store, buying chicken (hoping they're good, not overcooked/dry) and checking out.
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            I love rotisserie chicken too, but the MSG/maltodextrin/spices gets me every time, and after eating (way to much) of it I will feel downright bad. Actually, my reactions to them may be useful for those looking to avoid additives.

            I was eating the "perfectly plain" kind from the Whole Foods in Portland with no trouble, but when I moved to New York and ordered the same chicken at WF, I started reacting again. I asked and I was told it was basted with canola oil and injected with a "vegetable broth" solution. Strangely enough, we have an italian grocery here called "Uncle G's" that has rotisserie chickens. If I wash the rotisserie chicken from Uncle G's prior to eating it, it is okay. So I am guessing that this chicken is not injected with stuff but all the stuff is on the outside of it...

            I have gotten them from Earth Fare in Charlotte NC and from Harris Teeter in Charlotte. Surprisingly, I reacted to the one from Earth Fare, too. So far it seems to me the only truely "plain" on is from this one Whole Foods in PDX.

            My best food investment ever has been in a smoker for our patio in which I can put my own chickens and cornish hens and smoke up a delicious fowl. Best of all... it can be cheaper (when chicken is on sale) and you get a "bonus" sometimes of chicken liver, heart, and "other stuff" (I do not know what else is in there, but I like how it tastes)! It's like a little prize right there in your chicken.
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