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Iron and Vit D Supplements - don't want to take them

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  • Iron and Vit D Supplements - don't want to take them

    My Dr wanted my bloodwork done and found that I'm very low in iron and vitamin D. He is sending me an rx for supplements. I don't mind taking them just to get my numbers back up, but I don't want to continue taking them in order to maintain. I would rather find natural ways.

    Which foods do I turn to? I researched liver, but a lot of sources were saying that it's full of toxins because it cleans the blood of those toxins. I use a cast iron pan 4-5 times/ week. I have been eating spinach (lol I was thinking of popeye) a lot more lately, since starting a more primal lifestyle.

    WHat else should I be eating?

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    hearts, and livers of properly raised animals aren't full of toxins. I can't recall precisely right now, but the liver acts as a filter, not a place where toxins are simply stored. I know Mark has written about it, you may want to look for that.

    Fatty fish has vitamin D as well, but a good supp is best, even if you're able to spend a good deal in the sun (wearing as little as possible, otherwise there's no point) don't be so afraid of supplementation, especially of vitamin D.
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      Yeah? OK, see I thought it would be "against" primal eating to take supplements.

      I'll have to go see my local butcher. He's so expensive because he doesn't have any competition.


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        Livers do not accumulate toxins. They neutralize and remove them from the bloodstream for elimination. It's perfectly safe and healthy to eat them.

        Vitamin D is the only thing I supplement regularly because I can't spend time out in the midday sun every day.

        Liver is usually cheaper than muscle meat per pound because not than many people eat offal.
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          One of the reasons why some races have lighter skin color is because of a long history of agriculture, which removed their dietary source of vitamin D. This means that a good chunk of Grok's vitamin D intake came from food rather than it all coming from the sun.

          Having said that, there's nothing wrong with getting vitamin D from a liquid, oil based form. It's one of those things that Grok didn't have, but he would have been lucky to have.


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            The whole liver thing is a myth shrouded in a partial truth. When looking at toxin accumulation in animals it is almost always most largely concentrated in fat. This is not a problem if you're eating some natural cows, but if you give cows the foie gras treatment (massive feeding of grains) you end up getting fatty liver. This brings with it a potential accumulation of toxins and also impedes the liver's ability to efficiently complete the toxin removal process.
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              First off, the doctor will probably give you a prescription for Vitamin D2. This is an extremely ineffective form of Vitamin D that comes from irradiated mushrooms instead of lanolin like D3 comes from. I would highly suggest getting a high dose Vitamin D3 (think 10,000IU) supplement from any heath food store. Without going into too much detail, Vitamin D essential for calcium metabolism, immune function, and more importantly it keeps the tight junctions of your cells together and is very important for preventing cancer. 60ng/ml is an anthropological level that has shown much lower risks of cancer in scientific should aim for that.
              There are also a few reasons why I feel that it is very important to supplement, even on a primal diet. For one, the food we eat is grown in soil that is highly de-mineralized, and therefore does not have the nutrition of even 50 years ago. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency is quite common in people that even eat a whole foods diet, because of this reason, and I have seen profound effects in myself and about 30 other people in my school from taking this. Also, our ancestors most likely ate a lot more food than we did, because they did things like walk around 6-9 miles everyday and chase down large game, ect ect. We can try to emulate this, but I severely doubt many people walk that much and do as much activity as a hunter gather did. The implication of them eating more is that they got a lot of vitamins and minerals with these foods, and while we may not need the caloric amount, we evolved to be dependent on extremely high amounts of vitamins and minerals because of this. Also unless you really like organ meats, the muscle meat really pales in comparison nutritionally. Mark has a post on why supplementing is important also.