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Why am I gaining weight suddenly? :(

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  • Why am I gaining weight suddenly? :(

    I don't understand why I'm gaining weight. I've been (fairly) primal for several months although have always eaten dairy, nuts, and potatoes. When I first was going primal, I also ran 1.5 miles a couple times a week. I was at a pretty consistent weight before primal, neither under nor overweight, and I dropped 3 pounds without meaning to when I went primal, but I realized I felt lighter and much, much better even just a little bit lighter. All was well and good for a while but then I decided to stop doing the cardio. I don't have access to weights really so I just did a lot of pushups/other bodyweight exercises and stood at my desk instead of sitting. That was okay for a little while, but then I stopped standing because it gave me bad leg convulsions at night. After a few weeks, I had gained back the few pounds I lost. I started walking more, at least 2 miles a day, every day. I gained a little more weight. Around then I started entering what I ate into and most days I ate around 1200 calories.
    I figured that was too little, so I started eating 1500-1800 calories a day, and cleaned up my diet a little more. I switched out full fat goat yogurt for the lowfat milk I used to drink, ate raw macadamias instead of roasted omega-6 heavy nuts, more fat and protein/less carbs etc. and focused on getting a full nutrient profile every day.
    However, I've been eating this much for a week or so, and I am hungry all the time. I don't really know why, I wasn't that hungry before when I ate less, but now I feel hungry all the time and I feel like I need to stuff myself and even then I barely feel full. I've gained 5 pounds now and I need to stop the process now.
    I'm a teenage girl by the way. I've never had a problem with weight before.

    How many calories do I need to be eating with walking, and some stretches/exercises? Am I just eating too much? Why did I start gaining weight when I was eating little but gain weight when I ate more?
    Do I need more exercise, and what else can I do besides walking? I do sprint, but not often.

    I don't think I'll cut out dairy because I'm worried about getting a lot of calcium since I'm in a growing phase. I'll post some samples of what I eat in a day and maybe someone can tell me what's wrong. I'll try to get in a wide variety of days,

    1 cup honeydew and 1/2 cup cantaloupe
    1 cup goat yogurt
    1 oz raw macadamias
    4 oz blueberries
    14 spears asparagus with olive oil
    Most of a grilled chicken breast
    1/2 cup mashed potatoes and 1/2 cup potato soup
    1/2 cup grilled beef
    2/3 cup green beans
    1/2 cup moo shu chicken w/out sauce
    Assortment of carrots, snap peas, broccoli
    .5 T butter

    2.5 eggs with 2 oz soft goat cheese
    1/2 grapefruit
    3 slices cheese
    1/2 cup tomato sauce
    1 cup parsnip/celery soup
    3/4 cup split pea soup
    4 slices chicken
    1/3 cup ground beef
    A slice of mozzarella
    1 cup salad greens
    1 1/4 cup broccoli

    2 oz wild blueberries with 6 oz goat yogurt
    2.5 eggs with 1/4 cup mushrooms
    1/2 cantaloupe
    .75 oz dark chocolate
    1 oz macadamias
    1 1/2 cups green cabbage (cooked)
    4 oz lamb shoulder
    3/4 cup leeks and carrots
    1 cup mashed potatoes
    Half a banana
    1/2 T butter

    As you can see, I do make use of some legumes, like split peas and occasionally lentils, and a lot of fruit and dairy. I've always done this and only recently gained weight, however do you think this could be the problem?

    Also just to mention, I don't think it's because I'm gaining muscle, because my legs have gotten pretty flabby and muscle-less since I stopped running :O
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    Well, you said it yourself, you're still growing! Weight gain is to be expected! Your diet looks pretty good. Don't feel like you have to restrict carbs. And make sure you get plenty of protein. The first two days look good in that regard, but the last example might be kinda low.

    Enjoy your youth and try not to fret about weight gain because you are still growing!


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      How old are you? Do you have periods yet? Hunger surges are quite normal in teens and are usually followed by growth spurts. Certain times of the month many of us have cravings for food, but fortunately this is at the same time as a speed up in metabolism and so it doesn't lead to weight gain usually. Your hunger is your body telling you that you need nutrition and energy, so restricting your food intake is not a good idea.
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        Thank you to both of you.

        Yes, I get my period regularly and sometimes do get extra hungry right beforehand. I'll try not to worry about it, I was just concerned because it seems like I am gaining weight steadily no matter what I do. However, you're right it will probably fluctuate.
        If you have a few minutes- please take a look at my story, in my journal
        I do warn you, I am a copious writer.


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          My weight fluctuates around my cycle and my hunger does too. I tend to go up a lb a day for the 3-4 days prior to starting my cycle, then another pound of water weight. Then the week post cycle I drop it all plus a lb or 2. It could be cycle related so I would not worry about a small fluctuation.

          Additionally, growth spurts are often accompanied by an increase in hunger. My kids tend to chub up a bit (gain a few lbs) then the height follows. You may be getting ready to grow taller. Follow your hunger cues and make healthy choices and you will be just fine!