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low carb and breastfeeding?

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  • low carb and breastfeeding?

    I've survived my first two months of motherhood and am exclusively breastfeeding my little one. I've not only fallen off the "primal" wagon, I pretty much set the wagon on fire. BUT, it's time to sort out my diet now that I have a little more time on my hands to do some cooking and don't have to rely on my non-primal husband (please no lectures! I did the best I could)....getting back to full on primal will naturally drop my carbs though I will make an effort to do so slowly and make sure I maintain my calorie intake.

    My question - has anyone seen an impact on their milk supply from a low carb diet or from titrating down from ridiculous carbs to lower-ish carbs? Anything to look out for?
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    I should add: my goal is not to lose weight. Though I do need to lose a bit of pregnancy weight, my only goal is feeding myself and my baby well. Lots of time to lose weight in the future! If it happens, great but that's not a current goal.
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      I think if you eat plenty of good carbs, sweet potato and lots of leafy greens you will be fine


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        Yep, you and baby will be fine.

        I wasn't hungry ONE BIT after my first was born.

        Swear, all I did was drink a butt ton of water every day and
        baby still got nice and big.

        Pretty sure he sucked out 10lbs of fat, cuz I was 125 when I got pregnant,
        135 at delivery, and 115 six months into his life.

        So drink your water and eat the way you wanna!



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          I'm breastfeeding and pumping for my 5 week old twins.

          I do notice that too few carbs (like <150) really puts a dent in my supply. I eat lots of sweet potatoes, squash, and fruit. Although it won't win me any fans here I will freely admit that a bowl of steel cut oats with coconut oil every morning has seemed to help keep the milk flowing as well. I do take fenugreek and Domperidone too, but when I ditch the oatmeal I can count on a lower output that night and into the next day. So far I haven't had to formula supplement.
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          Looking to improve my way of eating and mange a lean PCOS diagnosis without medication.
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            I am pumping for my twin girls still, and at first I went VLC and my supply dropped a lot. I did notice that the more fat I ate, the more my supply went up but what ultimately helped the most was adding in more carby stuff, like sweet potatoes. And also, I'm a big night eater as well, it seems the more I eat at night (by night, I mean I stop eating around nine or ten pm) the better my supply is in the morning. I just make sure everything I'm eating is Primal and I have had no issues with any kind of weight gain.