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Bacon (What to buy?)

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  • Bacon (What to buy?)

    I was just at Trader Joe's and all of their bacon had some trace of sugar in the ingredients. Although the per serving sugar is still zero, I am not sure if I should eat this or not. It's uncured. Let me know. Thanks.


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    Whatever type of bacon you get, you shouldn't eat that much of it anyway. Make it a sunday breakfast thing or something, but a daily bacon habit is no good. Only if you're getting straight up pork belly, then maybe, but if it's packaged then tread lightly. I use bacon as a condiment nowadays (chop up a single strip and use it as cooking fat, with the bonus of small crunchy bacon) but don't really go crazy on it save once a month or so.
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      I'm pretty purist about my approach to primal (though I do cheat and am not perfect).

      I had the same questions as you about bacon early on and searched for the best brand, etc. My solution was to simply gave up bacon. It almost always has sugar or nitrates or both. And, it is a really fatty cut of pork and probably not the healthiest form of meat.

      The best quote I read about bacon went something like: "Give people a culinary inch, and they'll take a mile."

      I keep some bacon in the freezer and consider it a treat and a cheat.

      Other opinions differ, I'm sure. But, that's my two cents.

      Hope this helps.