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To Eat Bacon Or Not To Eat?

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    @NoSalad Ummm...I'm *pretty* sure that the first time I ever heard anything at all about staying away from nitrates was from MDA, not from CW. If that were the case, wouldn't there be a whole lot more packages touting "nitrate/nitrite-free" to get our business?

    They DO occur in vegetables, yes, but from the reading I've done, curing meats is not good.


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      Put it in your 20% category of the 80-20 principle, and have a delicious meal. Bacon is best used for flavoring, and seasoning. There is no denial it sure makes things taste better.

      Try wrapping some big shrimp marinated in garlic, lemon, and green onion in bacon. Put them on a skewer, and grill. You get a delightful mix of charred surf and turf. Oh my they are good.

      Grilled venison loin wrapped in Bacon is one of my favorite meals as well.

      Roasted Brussels Sprouts with apples, bacon, and pistachio.

      Oh, it's so useful!

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        emmcubed, where do you live?... There were so many articles and newstories about US schools and companies banning nitrated meats from their cafeterias! I've heard quite a bit about it.

        I was also skeptic about nitrates, which is why I started this thread, but thanks to some awesomely smart chick I got to chance to read a few articles who explain that 1) the research study that concluded that nitrates are cancerous was flawed

        2) that nitrates are naturally occurring in our body and veggies

        3) even nitrate free meat have nitrates, only their origins is different (and that it doesn't matter).

        But of course, that the uncured bacon is better for you, not to mention tastier! But I have to make do with what I have!

        Legerity, Randomique Jester on facebook! I'll let you know when I get moneys for our Primal Shopping spree :P

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          Went back to Trader Joes and found the bacon and it was delicious. Just made a spinach, cherry tomato, avocado and bacon salad for lunch. Yum.


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            My fiance is allergic to nitrates, whenever he eats something with meat nitrates in it he breaks out in hives, but when it comes to nitrates found in wine, doesnt seem to bug him. Sooo if it causes him that much inflammation I just try to stay away from it, likely isnt too great for me either.

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              I eat bacon.....

              Check out my blog!


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