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Effect of sugar?

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  • Effect of sugar?

    So i have know about paleo for a few years now and always try to stick close to that type of diet but i have also been eating a lot of sugar and processed carbs. I wouldn't say more than the average American, actually probably less. But recently for the past month I have only been eating, lets say the amount of sugar in half a cookie a day. I have also been pretty strick on not eating grains too. But when i do have cheat meals or any time that i have lets say a full cookie i get a really bad soar throat. Then if i continue to eat refined sugar i get a runny nose and lots of mucus built up, just like a common cold. It usually last till the end of the day and by the next morning the sickness has mostly gone away. So i was wondering whats going on because i have no clue what it could be. I used to eat sugar all the time and had no problem but when i lay off sugar then have a little bit my body gets sick!?! Why???

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    Idk y, but I also get ill. I crave milk chocolate and I look forward but also dread the days i give into the craving, because I get nauseous after eating it.

    like right now I'm trying to decide if I should go to cvs and buy a cadbury bar, but I don't know if I can handle the stomach discomfort.


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      I've used this analogy and I think it works. When I was in college I began drinking and got hangovers. After a while I stopped getting hangovers. Graduated college, started drinking if I overdo it I get hangovers again. Rather than pointing out the scientific explanation I just look at this as a natural physiological adaptation. If you do something thats bad for you ...your body lets you now. If you continue to do it anyway, eventually your body stops telling you. Give it a break and come back....then your acutely aware of how bad it actually was and your response to the toxin is normal again.


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        Here is an excellent article on sugar and how our bodies react.


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          Thanks for the input guys! I think neck is right, my body was used to the toxin now its not... Its a good thing keeps me from wanting to eat sugar! but i would like to know the scientific reason though.