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  • Zucchini Hummus

    Hi guys!

    I've been reading the site and forums for weeks, but I only just started eating primal - had to wait until after my stepdad's birthday because I can't resist my mom's cakes...

    Anyway, the biggest thing I knew I'd be missing was hummus. I practically ate it for lunch every day. So I found a recipe for cauliflower hummus and it was terrible. But it got me thinking that zucchini would be a great medium to make hummus. I looked it up and sure enough, I found a recipe and it's delicious!

    My question is:
    Now I really miss pita bread or pretzels to dip in it. I'm not a big fan of dipping vegetables in hummus, but I could get used to it I guess. Does anybody have suggestions for something I could use instead?

    I'm open for anything.


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    Just realized this should probably be in "Recipes" so I'm going to go post it over there.

    Sorry about that!


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      hummus...loved it, especially w/ extra olive oil and good kalamata olives. But there is something textural missing w/o the crunch. This was posted and I've not tried it yet but the comments included a bunch of good suggestions too:

      A Cruncy Paleo/Primal Nut Recipe | Mark's Daily Apple

      Now...what recipe did you use for the zucchini version? i'd love to try.

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        I got the recipe from here:

        Perfect Raw Hummus For Raw Wednesday

        It was really easy and fast to make, and SO good!


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          Those crackers look delicious btw!


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            I've been wanting to try zucchini hummus. I like to put a dollop on top of my salad or on top of sauteed vegetables.


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              I've been tempted to try this one but haven't yet. I just bought a cauliflower - maybe I'll give it a try.

              Ode to Hummus « The Cavewoman Cafe
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                I found that cauliflower has a really strong flavor and it wasn't very good as hummus at all. Of course, that's probably because I've been eating hummus almost every day up until I decided to go primal so I'm used to how it's supposed to taste.