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  • Grain finished beef

    At Whole food Market they sell both grassfed and grain finished meets. Obvious, grass fed is the best, but any thoughts on grain finished meats?

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    Grain-finishing depletes majority of the Omega-3 from the fat. Kind of defeats the purpose of pastured beef. I mean does not even make sense economically. Pastured cattle take longer to mature than grain fed cattle, then you ruin the health components of pastured cattle.

    That being said I of course would take grain-finished over factory farmed any day. However, I couldn't justify paying premium price for it.


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      Thanks for the info!


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        If it's a matter of the cheaper if you need to, however, buy it as lean as you can and trim any excess fat.
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          Take some omega 3's after eating grain finished or especially conventional meats.


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            thanks for the info everybody!


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              Yeah I wouldn't trim the fat... It is still by far mostly good saturated fat, and that's our energy source on the PB. You can't get the most out of PB if you're eating too lean. Fearing the fat in grain finished beef is not justified, assuming the beef is still conscientiously produced and not conventionally farmed.

              Just make sure to eat fish too, and take an Omega-3 supplement. Grass fed/grass finished is best. But we need Omega 6's too - it isn't like they're toxic, necessitating avoidance of all Omega-6 sources as if they were gluten. People forget that sometimes.
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                I agree that eating the fat or fattier cuts are probably the best.