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Second puberty and MASSIVE increase in appetite

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  • Second puberty and MASSIVE increase in appetite

    I'm female to male transsexual and started hormones that triggered a second puberty a couple of months ago. I've had a massive increase in appetite. I've been primal/paleo since sept/oct and started hormones in feb. Before hormones I was eating an amount that was allowing me to be gradually losing fat (originally I was losing a lb or so a week but I had gone down to about a lb every fortnight which is fine because I was getting close to where I wanted to be). My prehormones weight goal was to get down to about 8 stone, because it was about mid range BMI for my height and I have been happy with my appearance at this weight before.

    Hormones (as much as they are wanted) have been a spanner in the works. For the first few weeks I quietly gained in muscle and lost a little bit more weight and was definitely leaner. And then my appetite hit. I am eating more than double what I was and the longer I go with hormones the crazier my appetite seems to get. I have preparing for chest surgery by working out more. I've had more muscle growth so I've obviously put some weight on. Actually I'm back up to about 8 and a half stone. Thanks to this crazy appetite this increase is a little freaking me out because it feels a little out of control.

    So I have this crazy appetite.
    I'm putting on weight.
    I'm not getting any leaner.
    In fact I think I'm possibly getting fatter again (or maybe it's just in certain annoying places like my belly).

    I'm aware of this balance that on one hand my body is going through massive change and is wanting to do things like put down more muscle, but it isn't like puberty mark one where bones are still growing etc. I've dabbled with IF so that I might be able to get larger meals into me without necessarily consuming lots of extra calories. It was ok for a time but now I'm struggling to get to lunchtime without having a snack.

    I think I need someone to tell me that I'm over-thinking this. But I feel in a bit of a unique place right now, and any help and advice controlling my appetite would be appreciated. Should I just keep eating as if I was a kid again? Or should I be trying to keep things in check because I'm NOT a growing kid. Should I try again with IF so that I can go a little crazy and be full at least once a day? Any help or advice in refiguring out a new gauge for weight?

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    Welcome to being a dude, Dude. We eat more, just make sure you are eating the right stuff.
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      This is a total shot in the dark- because you are in a very unique position, and I haven't a realistic clue what you are going through. The first thing that comes to mind is exercise more, lift heavier, walk a lot. I think that the IF pattern could be a good route. Maybe try a Fast 5 (there are some good threads about if you search for them)?
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        I have no idea what it would feel like to take male hormones. But I did damage my metabolism by hiking a marathon or more every day for two 3-month periods of time. My appetite went through the roof. When I came back to society, I couldn't get it under control. I think I got insulin resistance. I was only able to get my appetite under control with a low carbohydrate high fat diet. It really quelled my hunger. I know it's not popular around here, but it might help you not feel so out of control. It's pretty common for people to a loss of appetite on a high fat low carb diet.
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          This is really a shot in the dark, but I have 2 sons (21 and 18) and with both of them, they had a massive appetite and some weight gain right before they had a growth spurt. I would assume a lot of that growth was hormone triggered by hormone changes.

          Like a said - HUGE shot in the dark, but it may be what your body thinks is happening, and kind of preparing itself for changes.


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            Does not compute...


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              Tormag - Thank you. And I try.

              Kakes - I'm lifting regularly, will try and walk more now the wettest drought in history has decided to take a break (ie, now it's stopped non-stop raining), and have followed up on your fast5 suggestion. I've struggled in the past but the website has a few suggestions for easing in and some extra context that seems helpful. Thank you

              sbhikes - I think there has been some insulin resistance creeping in. I feel fuller for having some carbs in each meal, so I won't be going ultra-low carb but agree with going fairly low is something I need to do.

              RitaRose - good point. yes quite possibly my body thinks it's in for a growth spurt. I guess I'm going to just have to wait and see how it pans out since my bones all fused up about 12 years ago. Thank you, shot in the dark, but it feels like some context for my experience.

              bosnic - what doesn't compute?


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                I would eat whatever you need to feel satiated and weight train
                LIKE A FREAK OF NATURE.

                I know you say you are now, but if you did some basic super heavy
                lifts, but just a 3X5 of each of them, you could probably put on a crap
                ton of muscle during this "hungry time".

                Then, once you get your hormones all sorted out, you could cut, decrease cals
                and see what you built up during your feasting and training!

                I'd totally use this as bulking time.

                Wish I was getting some Man Hormones so I could actually BUILD some
                muscle without killing myself.

                So use this time to your advantage, without going overboard of course!

                Good luck, and keep us posted.



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                  Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                  I was only able to get my appetite under control with a low carbohydrate high fat diet. It really quelled my hunger. I know it's not popular around here, but it might help you not feel so out of control.
                  I too am surprised how far this forum has drifted from the original blueprint. Low carb, high fat works great for me!
                  (admittedly better with post LHT workout sweet potatoes as the exception)


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                    I'm going to throw my bids in with the higher fat, lower carb camp for satiety... Add in that mega heavy lifting with a dose of good carb afterward (such as a sweet potato) and I think you'll be pleased. With your rampant hormones you should bulk-up some, but the emphasis on fat and protein will hopefully keep the hunger to a dull roar and you won't have to cut as much to look great after the initial period of hormone craziness comes to an end.

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                      Thanks for all the help and advice. And the welcome.

                      Hey Julie, you might be jealous of the bulking up side of things (I'm building up my pushups at a crazy rate considering how hard it was before, but you don't want the extra sweat or hairiness or the breaking voice. I do, but unless you're gender variant the T comes with too many side affects.

                      I'm beginning to think that I should be investing in more equipment so I can lift heavy. My equipment is limited and as I'm still pre-chest surgery and poor joining a gym is out of the question at the moment. I'm struggling to think of a reason not to just go with the flow and see how much I can bulk up. Now just to hide my scales from me so I can't freak myself out with them.

                      As an update, I've been limiting my eating window the last couple of days. It has helped cool the appetite, but now I'm wondering whether I'm getting enough protein. Onwards with the n=1 experiment I guess.