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How man calories are in a tablespoon of heavy cream after its whipped?

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  • How man calories are in a tablespoon of heavy cream after its whipped?

    1 tablespoon of just cream is 50-60 cals but does tha change per tablespoon after it is whipped?

    say you whip 1/2 cup cream which would be around 400 calories how much would that yield in whipped cream and would the amount of caloies be the same for 1/2 a cup of cream in whipped form vs fluid form?

    just curious here. trying to hit a set number of calories.

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    Data for whipped here:

    Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Cream, fluid, heavy whipping

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      No. If you beat an egg til it's fluffy, it still has the same calorie count as a boiled egg. Increasing the air volume of food does not change the caloric content. Is this your question or am I misunderstanding you?
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        This is kind of like the old question "Which weighs more, a pound of feathers or a pound of lead?"


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          If you mean for the same VOLUME (a tablespoon of whipped heavy cream will be less actual cream than a tablespoon of UNwhipped heavy cream) then just measure it before you whip it.
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            Measure your cream then whip it. How much you whip it determines the volume. All whipping does is aerate the cream...
            I'm not sure how you can measure if you are using a canister....Whipping cream by hand with a whisk- counts as a workout, LOL!

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              You could get a really spiffy scale... and measure it by weight.
              1 Tablespoon should be 15 grams by weight... just dollop 15 grams of whipped cream onto the scale.

              Then to avoid using the scale every time... put that into a measuring cup that fits it the closest. I'm guessing the 1/4 c. would work. Maybe the 1/3 c...
              Then continue to measure by your eyeball and the same size cup every time. Like a slightly rounded 1/4 c = the same as 1 Tbs., or a slightly under-full 1/3 c = 1 Tbs.... however it works out for you.


              I'm pretty sure this is why I don't count.
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