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Injury=protein craving?

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  • Injury=protein craving?

    Normally, since eating primal, I don't really eat a whole lot more protein than I used to. I just replace what would be grains with more veggies, fruit, nuts, or sweet potatoes. Yesterday, while pruning our fruit trees, a falling branch hit me in the arm and caused quit a bit of pain and bruising. Basically my entire bicep is one massive bruise. Today, I can't seem to get enough protein. For breakfast I had a hamburger patty with cheese, an egg, and a piece of chicken. I could easily have eaten twice that. For lunch I ate 2 bowls of chicken soup. Between meals, all day long, I've been snacking on left over chicken, turkey, chunks of cheese, and nuts. I have little interest in fruits or veggies today. Can this injury cause such a craving for protein for muscle repair? It really doesn't seem like I'd need that much protein for one bicep. I feel like I'm eating too much protein. Is there anything wrong with eating a ton of protein in one day?

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    Ha, I doubt you'll do much harm by eating a ton of meat. Enjoy it and be grateful your body doesn't demand an asston of carbs like mine does when I am sick or injured.
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      Agreed. I believe even CW says that increasing protein as a response to injury is recommendable. Burn patients, for example, are often put on a high protein diet. Take care of that arm bruise, too. It might be time for some very paleo "RICE" = Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Check with doc on that one, though...
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