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Paleo, Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis

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  • Paleo, Leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis

    Ok I'm new to paleo and want to get people opinions on leptin Reset and Cold Thermogenesis. My understanding is paleo is great for health benefits and leptin will help loose weight faster by removing cravings and Cold thermogenesis can help lose weight even faster. So if my real target is weight lose should i be doing all 3 of the above? I'm convinced that paleo is all its made out to be after research but I'm not convinced on the other 2 especially cold thermogenesis.

    Any one tried it?

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    please stop reading jack kruse. actually, read some of his blog, and if it makes sense to you at an intellectual level, or practical level, or even just a gut level, please stop reading anything i write.

    if you want to lose weight, you need to find a way to create a caloric deficit, be it by eating low carb, eating massive primal breakfasts the keep you feeling full, eliminating snacks, counting calories... take your pick.


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      Jakey, thanks for your response, if i do paleo and do extra cardio because im about 50 lbs overweight does that help lose weight faster? I haveread primal blueprint and have read about burn out but i want other opinions as well?


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        If you are overweight, and you have read Mark's book, you have everything you need to loose weight. Follow the book, it will fall right off of you. Oh yeah, and get a kettlebell.
        I Kettlebell therefore I am.

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          I'd listen to Mark Sisson before anyone named Jakey...he seems to have a bad hard-on for some guy named Kruse, not sure what his deal is, but here's what Sisson has to say...

          Concerning cold, do what Mark Sisson says: Cold Water Therapy | Mark's Daily Apple

          Concerning leptin, Do what Mark Sisson says: Further Adventures with Leptin | Mark's Daily Apple

          Cold: "So, are you intrigued yet? Though the jury may still be out on some of the findings related to specific medical conditions, healthy individuals seem to have much to gain from the cold. It’s all about upregulating our systems, taxing them in a healthy, natural way like intermittent fasting. While the findings don’t suggest people should, in the name of health, give up hot showers altogether (who would give them up even if they did!) Alex may have a legitimate point after all. We will be keeping our eyes and ears open for new research around cold water therapy for future posts.
          Some specific suggestions based on the findings? Very cold showers appear to be beneficial for the purpose of habituation, but we’d recommend alternating them occasionally with immersion when you can. Those of you in Northern climates might have more fun and social occasions (e.g. New Year’s polar dips) for such an exercise, but we can all spare the water heater for a day now and then for a nice cold dip in the old tub." - Mark Sisson

          Leptin: "Of course, elevated serum leptin predicts the onset of obesity and insulin resistance, so this is just another one of those vicious hormonal cycles in which modern eaters seem to find themselves entangled. Leptin resistance (from lectins, or elevated triglycerides, or systemic inflammation and omega-6 heavy tissue composition) leads to insulin resistance leads to more leptin resistance leads to… you see where this is going.
          Researchers are still teasing out the full extent of leptin’s impact on the body’s inner workings, so I imagine there’ll be more posts in the future. Until then, sleep well, exercise smartly, eat Primally, and pass on the sugar, stress, seed oils, and spelt (yeah, yeah, it’s an obscure, archaic grain, but I felt like alliterating)." - Mark Sisson
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            Originally posted by TorMag View Post
            If you are overweight, and you have read Mark's book, you have everything you need to loose weight. Follow the book, it will fall right off of you. Oh yeah, and get a kettlebell.
            Great answer! I find Mark hits the nail on the head almost every time, especially concerning the use of cold for weight loss.

            ie. Is Central Heating Related to Obesity? | Mark's Daily Apple

            "On the surface, their ideas might remind you of the outdated, overly-simplistic calories in, calories out model, where people are fat because they eat a few extra candies between lunch and dinner that add a few dozen calories to their daily allotment. It’s more complex than that, though. Exposure to cold is a type of stressor; to be specific, it’s a thermal stressor. Our bodies respond to stressors by adapting and (hopefully) improving, as you well know, and hypothermal stressors, like taking a cold bath, going for a swim in the middle of winter, or even letting the heat go off at night, induce the creation of brown fat. Brown fat is different from the reviled and feared “white fat” in that it keeps us warm by burning white fat. Newborns have lots of brown fat because they can’t shiver, can’t crawl (away from cold and toward warmth), and have underdeveloped central nervous systems that can’t be counted on to react quickly enough to changes in ambient temperature. It’s how they stay warm. Adults have far less brown fat, but they can develop more through exposure to cold. Furthermore, brown fat levels in adult humans are highest during winter and linked with less visceral fat and a lower BMI. If you’re subjectively cold, chances are you’re spurring the creation of new brown fat or increasing the activity of already-present brown fat." -Mark Sisson