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Update: Changes make a HUGE difference

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  • Update: Changes make a HUGE difference

    First thing~THANK YOU PB COMMUNITY!!!!!!! You all rock~

    I waffled on starting a new thread to update my situation. But decided if this information could even help one person it would have been worth it. For the past few weeks I have been feeling desperate and searched day and night for a thread that might hold some kind of answer to my dilemma. The dilemma being after losing almost all of my weight last year from 244 down to 168 how did I manage to get back up to 214???? Eating Primal/paleo. I had eliminated grains, legumes, sugar, bad oils, grain fed meats, I had cut natural carbs down to almost nothing!! Yet I started gaining. At first I panicked and tried everything, and I mean every single protocol. I kept gaining. I was not posting at the time but reading often and constantly tweaking my eating plan. The only things I was not WILLING to try were counting calories, tracking foods, weighing or measuring because I was positive it was A) not necessary and B) it would make me crazy!!

    I first made a journal here and started just tracking general things, weight, mood, ect. In reading back I can see how the craziness and desperation was building!! I was lucky that this community rallied around and very patiently led me along as I grew more positive I was doomed to a life of Fatness forever.

    Then I made the recent post about how "just being primal is not enough' and several people made some very valid points which believe it or not I took to heart.

    Sine then I have discovred I am a 'Healthy fats 'addict and would probably attend a 12 step program for it if one was available. Sheesh this was a serious issue in my daily diet and I had no idea until I started tracking and measuring. It was kind of mind blowing the things I discovered.

    Changes to my plan:
    1) tracking at paleo track (love that site)
    2) measuring (O M G what an eye-opener)(Really you must do this for at least a few meals if your having problems a T of butter is so itsy bitsy )
    3) upped healthy carbs form 0-20 to 50-100 and feeling full finally!!(and for the record it was hard to get the carbs up without some serious planning!!
    4) Figured out my BMR and calorie intake and adjusted it to my daily needs (I can NOT eat 2000 calories a day and lose weight! But 1300-1500 will probably work)
    5) Using this forum and this community works if you are open to the help.

    I am less bloated and have already dropped 5lbs of waterweight and 1 inch of my tummy!! I am also full FINALLY, it figures I needed more veggies and carbs to be full. And I was trying to 'drink' fat (not really but I may as well have). Thank you all of you for your support, sharing your experiences and keeping it real about calories, garbs and eating healthy! I feel like I am back on track.