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Sweet Potatoes and weight loss

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    Everybody keeps saying it's good for post-workout. But what about pre-workout? I've recently been eating a sweet potato pre-workout and a can of sardines post-workout.
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      I've read you can make them in to something called "resistant starch" by putting them in the fridge.
      Zen to Fitness – Bananas – A Fat Burning Powerhouse?

      Have also read you can reduce the insulin effects by eating them with fat, but also read the sweet potato *raises* insulin then the fat you eat with it goes in to fat cells.


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        I eat them chipped and deep fried in tallow, same as with white potatoes. I won't go into whether they speed or slow fat loss, as really I have no idea myself.


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          Originally posted by magnolia1973 View Post
          I think trying to identify foods that stop weightloss is ridiculous (with the exception of junk and foods you may have an allergy to). It can drive you nuts.I weigh myself daily and track foods.... and conclusions include: Ground beef alternately made me slow weight loss and triggered a loss. Beer made me bloat and made me lose a lb. I once ate a cupcake and saw no change on the scale, but a brownie bloated me 5 lbs for a week.

          The one thing to consider- if youare eating for example, 1500 calories of low carb fat/veggie/protein and add in 250 calories of sweet potato without reducing calories, then you are eating 1750 calories and your loss may slow just due to that. I know people argue calories in/calories out... but this is probably why people gain when they add foods back in...
          I agree!


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            I've been cruising the sweet potato threads because the Wal-mart near me has them today for 15 cents per pound! I'm going to have to make a whole bunch and freeze them.
            As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again.