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Hot flashes and flushing after eating

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  • Hot flashes and flushing after eating

    I've noticed since I started daily fasting that I've been getting hot flashes and flushing of my face and upper chest that last 30-60 minutes at a time. Heat just seems to be pouring out of me. Sometimes it's so intense that it's uncomfortable.

    I experience the first flash mid morning when I'm in the middle of my fast with nothing to drink but water. Then I break my fast around 1 pm and about 30 minutes later I get another flash. Then after a 6 pm meal I get another one.

    I notice when I visit my in-laws they love to serve low fat everything. I usually end up eating an ultra lean cut of beef or a boneless skinless chicken breast and plain lettuce because their salad dressings are full of HFCS and bad fats or steamed veggies. After I eat I actually get freezing cold for hours and have to wrap up in a blanket.

    What is causing this? Is it caused by consuming fat? If it's the fat, why do I experience it in the morning with no meal?

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    I got a lot of hot flashes at first from this diet. Sometimes just in my feet and sometimes from my core and in my face. I decided it was my body thanking me for feeding it real nutrition. I don't get it quite as much but I still do for some things.
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      I was the same as sbhikes - but dont get it now. I found coconut oils, meat or milk were the worst for me.
      Hang on in - it does improve!
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        I don't know that it makes a difference but I got hot flashes like these when I started PB 8 months ago but they tapered off within a month. These more intense ones started about a week after starting Fast-5 this past month.