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Advice for workout schedule???????

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  • Advice for workout schedule???????

    Just started paleo, I really need to lose weight as fast as possible (3 pounds per week is my target). Should i do 30 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week or do a hard 1 hour 3 times a week?

    Also can people comment on my diet to see if i can cut some corners for extra weight loss!

    Breakfast: 4 scramble egg (small bit of full fat milk)

    Lunch: chicken or steak with onions, peppers, mushrooms and or tomatoes with tea(with small bit of milk)

    Snack: Caveman cookie x 2 (paleo friendly) and tea

    Dinner: 3 fried eggs 2 sausages fried with organic butter

    Thanks alot of advice, paleo is daunting at the start but now im a week into it, i think i can do it.

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    You could probably stand to throw more veggies into the mix. Since you are aggressively trying to lose weight, I would keep fruits and starchy veggies to a minimum, but other veggies are good and good for you! And as far as the exercise goes, it would probably be less stress on your body if you did 30 mins of cardio several times a week instead of an hour a few times a week. Unless you are already used to doing that much cardio.......


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      Im not eating any fruits, what are starchy veggies? any other tips? thanks in advance


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        Workout: Monday am: Sprints, Monday pm: Weight Complex
        Tuesday: walk with weighted vest
        wed: AM sprints, PM weight complex
        thursday: walk with weighted vest
        Friday: Heavy 1-3 rep max weightlifting
        Saturday: Hill sprints
        sunday: walk with weighted vest

        Diet: 9pm ( bedtime-ish) Start fasting wake at 7-8, drink tea or coffee.

        workout fasted

        11-1: Fatty protein + veggie - or shake ( first food of day)

        1-3: water, coffee, tea ( non- caloreic liquids)

        Workout 2: ( if applicable) Fatty protein + veggies + omega 3

        bed at 7-9: repeat


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          The main problem I see in your plan is the snack, especially with a cookie. You want at least 4-5 hours in between meals, and more if possible.

          Add greens- kale, collard, mustard, chard, beet greens... Nutritionally awesome, and barely any carbs, if that's your thing.

          I don't like Wolfman's plan, and here's why:
          1. If you are doing sprints correctly, you should be too spent to effectively do weights that same day.
          2. Unless you are in really good shape and training for a specific goal, there is no need to sprint more than once a week.
          3. There is no need to walk with a weight vest- one of the main benefits of walking is that it is easy on the joints and muscles. Adding weight isn't helping, not at first anyways.

          With all of this, you need to analyze what you are doing, what its immediate effects are, and the cumulative effects over time. Recovery time is at least as important as your workouts.

          I'm in pretty good shape, and it takes me at least a few days to recover from sprints.
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