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New to eating primal and feeling bloated...

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  • New to eating primal and feeling bloated...

    I was able to lose about 20 pounds on the SAD, but my weight loss stopped after that. I still have about 10 pounds to lose, but was unable to further lose weight eating whole grains. I found out about eating Primal, and I have decided to make this a lifestyle change in order to not only lose weight, but improve my health. The past two weeks I have been struggling with (I'm sorry if this is TMI, but I'd really like some advice)...constipation. I feel bloated, but I just can not go.

    Here is a little about my eating habits throughout the past two weeks: I have eliminated grains, incorporated meat(fatty and lean), non-starchy vegetables, and minimal fruit. When I do eat fruit, I will only eat a cup of berries. I currently drink a little bit of black tea/coffee in the morning, and I do have dairy(cheese and butter. no milk).

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I had this problem before eating primal, as well. But that was because I ate a LOT of fibrous vegetables and fruits and did not drink enough water. However, now I eat less vegetables(because I am eating more meat and fat), and even less fruit(because I do have 10 pounds to lose, and need to restrict the sugar I consume).

    Sorry that this is might be a long winded post.... I'm just starting to get really frustrated and literally uncomfortable

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    It sounds like your body has become dependent on fiber to poop, if you were eating a lot of it in the past (especially 'wholegrains')

    Check out this guys site, I've also read his book Fiber Menace and it helped me greatly overcome my gut issues which lowcarb/primal did not fix completely.

    Gut Sense: Restoring Natural Bowel Movements


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      Stop eating Dairy for 3 weeks, see if it helps (all dairy) you may be intolerant and not know. My husband gets constipated for days if he has even a small amount of butter or cream in his coffee. Drink more water, increase your veggie to meat ratios (more veggies).

      If you're having a really bad day maybe try eating some coconut date rolls, they seem to make us poop pretty quick if we're backed up lol.

      I would also recommend getting on a good probiotic, they are expensive but well worth the cost and maybe some natural anti fungals for a couple weeks (grape seed extract, garlic, oregano oil extract, caprylic acid etc).


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        You could always take in a tablespoon of a fiber supplement before bed...when I used to do that I'd wake up to a hearty bowel movement.


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          I have this problem too! I use to also have a regular movement every morning...but not most people here have regular movements without all those whole grain fibers?


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            Fibre drains you of nutrients, you shouldn't consciously try to have it in your diet.

            There are two ways that people can have a healthy intestinal system: either you cram a large amount of fibre down to keep physically forcing through the intestinces, or you need to have a healthy gut fauna. Sadly,most people don't have very healthy gut bacteria, since taking antibiotics wipes themout (just like it kills the bad germstoo).

            I recommend you look into Probiotics as a way of having a healthier gut.
            Disclaimer: I eat 'meat and vegetables' ala Primal, although I don't agree with the carb curve. I like Perfect Health Diet and WAPF Lactofermentation a lot.

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              Ditto on the probiotics. Also, you might try a magnesium supplement.
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                Also give your body time to adjust? Takes my body a few weeks at least to settle into a new diet. Maybe up your vegetables and fats in the meantime? Prunes are also the way to go, so to speak, if your body can handle that kind of sorbitol load (don't overdo it).


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                  Damiana has got it. Magnesium citrate or magnesium taurate are really good and have high bio availability. Also increase your fat intake they're way too low (from what you show as your typical diet). More saturated, more omega 3s. If youre still having problems have a kale salad.


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                    I had problems with constipation at first - I upped my fat, and added a bit more fruit. Things balanced out after about two weeks. Hope that helps.
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                      I used to have a problem with constipation when eating low carb. Wasn't regular without taking fiber supplements. Recently, I figured out I have to eat the Whole30 diet for awhile in order to fix some issues that I have been having. As soon as I stopped the dairy (except butter and ghee), I have been regular everyday since.