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    I know primal and Mark preach no dairy, but I've been drinking chocolate milk right after workouts for about 4 years and can't seem to give it up. Anyone have any other suggestions to supplement my chocolate milk fix?

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    chocolate protein powder with some coconut milk


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      Get a chocalate whey protein shake. I enjoy dairy sensibly. Whole pastured cream,, pastured butter, raw milk cheeses and if I need it whey protein post workout. I am at point where I don't want to get any leaner and cheese and coconut milk ice cream hold off any more unnecessary weight loss.
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        If it's not causing you problems or holding you back, don't worry about it. Do try to go organic at the very least.

        Lately I've been (thoroughly) enjoying the following as a post workout breakfast

        1 cup milk
        chocolate whey
        Tropical Traditions greens
        2 raw eggs
        cocoa powder

        OMG, that's like heaven after a run and you've been fasting for 13-16 hours.


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          Or just have a big ol' glass of chocolate milk.
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            Mark doesn't preach "no dairy". He recommends cutting it out for a few weeks to see if it's problematic, but he also recommends that for other potentially problematic foods like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, cabbage...some people are sensitive to these things. He has many posts dedicated to selecting the best dairy choices and he's probably the biggest promoter of butter on the internet. He just wants you to get good dairy: grassfed, organic and preferably raw. I just purchased some raw cow's milk cheese and some sheep's milk cheese imported from England, along with 2 quarts of Greek yogurt and a pint of heavy cream. I have no issues.
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              I see no reason you should stop if you're eating cleanly otherwise. It's a littłe sugary but it's not going to kill you, especially if you're already active.
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                Many health supplement are available in this present marketing... So for it and try it self....