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Good Websites/ebook/book For Vegeterian meals ?

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  • Good Websites/ebook/book For Vegeterian meals ?

    Hi All!

    I'v been looking for some time for some recipies of only veg. meals.

    It's not I'm going plain veg, but I want to find some recipies to add some novelty to my food routine!


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    I really like Everyday Vegetarian, Voluptuous Vegan, Moosewood Cookbook, Juliano's Raw (or is it Rawvolution? I can't remember the title exactly. But Juliano is hugely cutie-pie, skinny-pants gay gay gay so if you see a very gay gay gay guy throughout the book, that's the one!), and The Vegan Gourmet (these are rich recipes -- really great for things like thanksgiving or christmas dinner).


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      I like to look for "raw" blogs like rawmazing

      Clean Food by Terry Walters

      101 Cookbooks blog
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        I like website. It has a bunch of vegetarian only meals. The only problem is that a lot of vegetarian meals are grain and legume heavy, but you can fins some vegetables only gems here and there.
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          Great book of vegetarian recipes if you are an ambitious cook.

          A lot of veggie cookbooks are heavy on grains though. Moosewood series is pretty good- a lot of fat. Deborah Madison has a book with a ton of vegetable recipes.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            Not all of these are Primal-friendly, but some are and most of them look delicious:
            Slide Show | The Vegan Experience, a Retrospective: All 28 of Kenji's Vegan Recipes | Serious Eats


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              There's this: RAW IS SEXY: RECIPES

              I think ;s
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                Deborah Madison has been around awhile and this book of hers is very nice; pretty sure it's been update recently. She has a great, subtle approach with spices and pairing food-stuffs together.

       Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (9780767927475): Deborah Madison: Books

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                  "Passionate Vegetarian" by Crescent Dragonwagon. The book is huuuuuge. Every recipe I have ever tried from it has been delicious. You would probably want to sub in certain things (butter or bacon fat instead of oil, sausage instead of "soysage"), but it's a really great book with lots of anecdotes and restaurant-tested recipes.
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                    thanks all,

                    raw is sexy is an awesome website!