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  • How big ARE your meals?

    Brand newbie. Very irritable and very curious/confused, please bear with me. I posted my food journal so far on another thread, and the main response was: "Why are you eating so often?" I didn't even consider this! I suppose it is "CW" (yes, I'm reading TPB) to "graze" all day long? So, I'm curious... how often do you eat, and how big are your meals? I've heard a lot of talk about "eat when you're hungry, don't eat when you're not, duh"... but I have this lingering fear that if I don't eat small portions all day long, I'm going to end up famished and craving sweets. Please enlighten me! I want to learn.

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    as big as i want em to be, gosh!

    some days a meal will be a giant plate full of meat and veggies and butter, other days like just now a meal can be sliced cucumber and tuna

    eat when hungry, don't freak out
    yeah you are

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      BIG - especially my post-workout meal - two or three times a day (doing leangains)


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        Learn to not graze first of all & figure out some way to not eat big every day or u will get fat. Good luck.


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          As big as I want them to be to feel comfortably full. Uncomfortably full if it is a meal I was looking particularly forward to. LOL

          I eat every other day.

          "Grazing" has been debunked most recently in Mark's multiple part series of posts on the benefits of IF.
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            2 meals a day pretty day for me.....
            5 eggs, 2oz cheese, 1/2 pound of bacon (breakfast)
            1lb fatty meat and 1lb pound of sauteed veggies with butter (dinner)
            two cups of coffee with heavy cream through the day.


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              I used to have a CW fear of eating a real meal, especially breakfast and lunch. Once I started eating a real breakfast and saw constant slow weight gain, it only reinforced that fear. So I became a snacker during the day. Lotta good that did me. All that really does is hide how much you are really eating from yourself while keeping your insulin jacked up driving fat into your fat cells.

              When I first started, my breakfast was plain yogurt with creme fraiche mixed in (to make it extra fatty) with nuts. It wasn't an outlandish sized bowl or anything, either. In the past, I ate whole plain yogurt with half a mango and granola, so this was even less food than I was used to. It was so satisfying that for the first time in my whole life I went all day long until dinner with no hunger. I didn't eat anything and I didn't even think about it.

              I've since switched to eggs and meat for breakfast (1/3lb meat and 2 eggs) so that I can get more protein, healthy fats and vitamins in. I eat lunch now, usually a can of sardines or maybe a banana. Lunch is just a snack-sized meal for me. Dinner is meat, sweet potatoes and veggies. Total calories around 1200-1500 usually. And yes, I sometimes run at lunch. Today I even sprinted. I almost stepped on a squirrel. Maybe next time I will have it for dinner. ha ha.
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                eat til im full ... sometimes small sometimes large ... @ neckhammer with that much bacon i hope its pasturized uncured pork
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                  Black coffee for breakfast every day.

                  Workout days I fast almost 24 hours, lift for 2 hours in the gym, and come home to a pound of meat, a pound of vegetables, a pound of sweet potato, and 6-12 eggs. Coming to about 1500-2000 calories, depending on how many eggs.

                  Nonworkout days I eat lunch of maybe 1/4-1/2 lb meat, a small handful of veggies, and maybe some rice, if my coworkers and I are going out to eat. Otherwise I continue the fast with coffee. Dinner would be similar to workout days, except I eat 1/4-1/2 lb of sweet potato instead of a pound. If I ate lunch, then I'll dial back on the eggs or meat or both depending on how I feel. Calories 1500-2000 also.
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                    I eat twice a day, plus my morning bulletproof coffee.

                    Some sample meals:

                    4 Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions, 6 slices of bacon.

                    12 Oz Sirloin with large salad (Romaine, Peppers, olives)

                    8 Oz Hamburger with Guacamole, macadamia butter and 2 over easy eggs.
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                      Thanks for the responses. It's a humbling experience to admit that I am full of CW and really know nothing.

                      Can someone link me to Mark's posts on IF?


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                        Originally posted by touchdowntodd View Post
                        eat til im full ... sometimes small sometimes large ... @ neckhammer with that much bacon i hope its pasturized uncured pork
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                          Originally posted by brightside View Post
                          Thanks for the responses. It's a humbling experience to admit that I am full of CW and really know nothing.

                          Can someone link me to Mark's posts on IF?
                          On the homepage search Fasting. You'll get all of his links.

                          I used to eat ALL day, but now I usually eat two times a day. I just make what I think will fit in my belly (based on hunger). If I'm still hungry, I find something else to eat.

                          This morning, I had a Lift Heavy Things workout and I came home to a huge omelet. After my omelet, I realized I was still hungry. I ate some hearty soup. Five hours later, I'm still not hungry. I leave for work in a few hours, so I might eat before. If not, I will fast!
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                            Often thousands and thousands of calories. Generally two, sometimes three times a day. Snacking=death.
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                              Pretty big. My Chipotle bill was $19.00 for lunch today. That was two burrito bowls both with white rice, black beans, cheese, lettuce, and double chicken.

                              This morning I had two large bananas, two big bowls of greek yogurt, a half pound of frozen berries, half a bag of olive oil potato chips (yes, I eat potato chips for breakfast), and three thick slices of sourdough toast slathered in butter. Some mornings I like to eat a half-dozen fried eggs with a couple of sweet potatoes and yogurt, you get the idea.

                              If you can't tell, I am not exactly eating Primal at the moment. But yeah, I eat a lot. Today I am at ~3000kcal and I haven't had dinner yet. I'm also running at a toasty 99.0F and feeling great.
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