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After giving up grains/dairy what happens if you relapse?

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  • After giving up grains/dairy what happens if you relapse?

    Hi guys,

    I have not yet gone primal but am planning to with your advice...

    A few weeks ago I gave up dairy and felt great! And then I relapsed. At first I noticed my reaction to dairy was slightly worse than when I ate it normally. This reaction has now subsided as I've re-assimilated dairy back into my diet- but I'd only given it up for a week. (Although this was after I became more aware of the effect of dairy- I had no idea before)

    What happens if I give up dairy for longer periods i.e. a month- will I have a really bad reaction?

    The same question goes for grains. Being a 21-year old student (who's moving to Italy for a few months-land of dairy and carbs) its going to be nigh on impossible NOT to relapse so I don't want to be rushed to hospital in Rome after chowing down on pasta/pizza

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    I gave up grains for 50 days. Last night I had a wheat product. Nothing happened, but I think that is because I don't have a negative reaction to wheat. You might be different. You could develop cramps, diarrhea, etc. Or you could be fine. You never know until you eat wheat again (or other grains you give up).

    dairy, probably the same scenario. No issues or major issues... all you can do is experiment and see what happens and make your decisions from there.

    Have fun in Italy! And good luck following the PB when you get there. I'll be an interesting journey, I'm sure!
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      Wheat starts cravings and skin/scalp inflammation for me. It really isn't worth it to relapse. It does have to be in significant enough quantity to cause a problem - like bread or pasta. A little "hidden flour" won't do it for me to have any issue. So it is pretty manageable, even when eating out during travel.
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        I did a dairy free experiment (30 days of 0 dairy, slowly added in different categories several days apart to gauge reaction) and found out that I tolerate it very well.

        Grains make me sick now. Physically sick. I ate them all my life without realizing I didn't tolerate them well. Hope this doesn't happen to you in Italy.
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          I relapsed badly, last year. I think, wildly, it may have jump started my skin allergies. These days, I avoid wheat, like the plague.
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            I think it depends on the individual. I gave up dairy last Nov. Sat. I had one bite of homemade ice cream and by the next morning I had a relapse of the itchy skin rash and welts on my stomache. I won't do that again. It's just not worth it the discomfort.


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              I notice the affects of grains now, where before I didn't since I constantly felt foggy and tired.


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                I also think that you are over estimating the amount of pasta and pizza that is eaten in Italy. I haven't been there for a while, but I remember that pasta was a much smaller portion of the food over there than it is at an Italian restaurant here. Also the pizza was completely different- no thick crust at all. I think you'll be fine- you can indulge in smaller amounts, or you can find something else entirely to eat. I'm sure they have it.


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                  Some people have no reaction. It makes them wonder why they gave grains up in the first place. Other people have severe reactions. Other Grumpy Cavemen have mixed, unpredictable reactions, ranging from stuffed up sinuses the next morning to tons and tons of gas, to nothing at all.
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                    with relapses, try also to "put it in the past" as opposed to "making up for it"... it's easier to get back on the train than turn it around... i always struggle with trying to make up for a mistake and end up making more mistakes!
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                      It depends on your body and any existing sensitivity. I'm neither lactose intolerant nor gluten sensitive, so when I have a cheat meal and eat both these things, I feel like crap immediately only because I overeat, and everything goes on as usual the next day. Others can get horrible inflammation, bloating, etc.
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                        I've only given up dairy for a week, so nothign there. But I don't eat grains (gave up in August) and the 3 times I accidentally ingested some, I got the tension headache from hell. Pain relief did nothing, I just had to live through it. (not a migraine, thankfully)