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Yet another dreaded supplement question

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  • Yet another dreaded supplement question

    I have searched and have found some of my answers, but not all. I am trying to learn so bare with me. I hate to even ask for fear of showing how uninformed or misinformed, or just plain stupid I might appear, but I figure if I dont ask, I will never learn. So here goes.

    Sometimes I hear that this is good for you, or that is good for you. Like a glass of wine. I don't drink wine but hear grape seed extract can do the same thing. Apples - I don't always eat one every day, so is Apple Pectin okay to take? I have heard cinnamon is good, but I dont use it much since I dont eat oatmeal anymore, so is a cinnamon capsule okay to take?

    I was just wondering. When I hear something is good for you, I buy the supplement. I dont want to be on overload but I dont want to miss something either, especially since I am restricting some things to achieve fat loss.

    Apple cider vinegar is another. I would rather take the pill and get it over with. Garlic is another. I do cook with it but not as often as I probably could/should.

    I guess I am wondering if it is okay to take a condensed version in a neat little capsule package w/a drink of water, rather than via a spoon and chewing it?

    I know that whole foods are better and preferred but since I am not eating these as whole foods, should I take the supplement if there are beneficial properties, or just stick with a multi-V and call it a day. I guess I am not asking you what I should take or if I should take it, not a medical type of advice, just in general is there anything wrong with taking these type of supplements?

    And maybe not "wrong" but is there any point? Okay so maybe that might lean towards being some medical type advice. I am just wondering where to draw my line.

    I guess taking a capsule to replace fruits/spices/foods etc is about the same line of thinking as using protein powder when you arent getting enough protein, or want the benefits w/o the calories or hassle of actually eating more protein? So to each his own? Maybe I just answered it for myself. I hadnt thought of it like that before but maybe that is off base also.

    I do also take the standards that it seems to be suggested from my searches - fish oil (but reading more about krill) multi-v, calcium w/d, magnesium.

    Then I hear of the others that are not food related, like co-q10 or whatever it is, and things like CLA and all kind of other letters in the alphabet.

    I just dont want to miss something but I dont want to over do it either. But I dont want to overdo eating the real food either, like trying to drinking wine or eating grapes, when I can just take a capsule.

    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey

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    IMO your in panic mode!
    If your diet is healthy and with plenty of vegetables, you really dont need vast amounts of different supplements.
    Having said that, one or two can help but you dont want to get to the point where your swallowing more pills, tablets and capsules than you are food!
    If its any guide, and no doubt others will have their opinions, magnesium, omega 3 fish oil and kelp are all I take.
    Dont waste loads of dosh on supplements unless you know your deficient in them. If you feel ok, you probably are ok!!
    Chill and dont worry about it or its too easy to get obsessive about these things.
    I'm not a complete idiot! There's parts missing!!


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      I hear ya. I guess this has evolved. One week you hear this, then next week that. Next month this, then that. And then one day you open the medicine cabinet and it is full of supplements. And then I guess a bit of panic does set in. I dont want to over do it, or under do it.

      And most I know I am not deficient in, it is just suggested these other things have specific benefits. Like who is deficient in cinnamon and garlic? But if it would be helpful and I know I am not going to eat it in my regular diet.... uggghhh.
      65lbs gone and counting!!

      Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey


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        Those one week this, one week that things are silly. I mean, coQ10 is found in heart. People don't eat heart anymore but if they did, they wouldn't have to worry if they got enough. Same with Omega 3 and CLA. People don't eat grassfed meat anymore so their diet is deficient so industry looks for a way to sell it back to you after they've convinced you (or forced you through animal confinement) to remove it completely from your diet. I'd only take the supplements I knew I was deficient in.
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