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  • Sugar high?

    Hi all,

    I'm relatively new to primal, so bear with me for this long question.

    I have fructose malabsorption, so for the last several months I've been on a low-FODMAP diet, which helped my IBS dramatically. I still got a lot of fatigue, though, and found that the more I cut sugar from my diet, the harder it was for my body to handle it. Gradually I found that I could no longer tolerate anything sweet, even when the ingredients had a good fructose-glucose ratio.

    I had already mostly cut out grains and legumes because of the fructose malabsorption, but I cut them out 100% about three weeks ago and really upped my protein and fat intake, plus a lot of well-tolerated vegetables and (some) fruits to round out the nutrition. I have been feeling great, good energy, clear mind!

    Whenever I eat anything too sweet, though, I still get this sugar high, and I feel like I'm on acid - hot face, a little loopy, confused. (It's not the same as the old fructose malabsorption symptoms, which had clear digestion manifestations.) Today I got it from drinking just 4oz of lactose-free milk in a cappuccino (lactose free milk is sweeter than regular milk, which I tolerate ok). I got it again when I succumbed to my sweet tooth and had these mostly primal pancakes:

    1/6 cup buckwheat flour
    1/6 cup coconut flour
    .5 egg
    2 tbsp coconut oil
    2/3 cup milk

    with a stewed fruit sauce:
    1 stalk rhubarb
    5 strawberries
    (no added sugar)

    I feel like I could launch into space at any minute, even though fitday says that's about 26 total carbs, i.e. as much as in a banana (which is usually fine for me).

    Should I go to the doctor to figure out what's up? A year ago I could eat a piece of cake, and now I can't seem to tolerate even the slightest bit of sugar. Anyone have any similar experience? Is it a general "carbohydrate intolerance" or "sugar intolerance" or "grain intolerance"? Is that a thing? Is there a diagnosis?


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    Hey guys
    i want to inform you that the high sugar is very harmful for your health and it can be a cause of the Diabetes and heart deceases so control to your sugar if you take it extra than you can be a victim of these deceases.

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      Jahiem, I think everyone here on the forum already got that memo.

      I'm talking about buckwheat flour, 5 strawberries, and a stalk of rhubarb, not a jumbo jamba juice smoothie and a can of coke.


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        Hi gumboots, welcome to the forum. "Jahiem" is a spambot. This forum has been overrun with them lately.

        I agree that it seems odd that such small amounts of sugar are having such an impact on how you feel. I haven't experienced it myself. If you know a really good doc, that might help. You could also purchase a glucose meter and check your blood glucose when you feel "loopy" to see if there's any correlation.


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          Thanks, yodiwan!

          I'm relieved to hear that the idiocy is coming from spambots. Back in the old days, they were actually trying to *sell* something, but now they just seem to be here for fun. Maybe they've become self-aware!

          I just checked out (I'm in Germany) and I see that there are glucose test strips in my price range, so I could try that (the glucose meter is 65 euro, so no go). What would I be looking for? I know that the loopy feeling is directly related to sugar intake, but I'm curious whether some number could indicate a problem? I think that my fasting blood glucose is normal (given my last blood test a two months ago), but I just seem to be extra sensitive to what I do eat, for about 1-1.5 hours after.


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            Hmm, well you need a meter to use the strips with. Here in the states there are several companies (like OneTouch) that will give you a free meter (they just make money off the test strips). If your glucose gets really low or really high it could be causing you to feel strange. Again, the amount of carbs in the milk and panacakes shouldn't cause such a reaction, but measuring blood glucose would rule that cause out at least.


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              Okay, I see - good I asked before buying strips without a meter to read them. I think the cheapest way to get this done would be to go through the doctor, because then the German health insurance will probably pay for it. I'll see about going tomorrow and investigating.

              Still curious whether other people here have had a similar experience!


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                Ah, in case anyone is curious, "reactive hypoglycemia" seems to fit the bill:
                Reactive hypoglycemia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

                Which could possibly be caused by celiac or some other mechanism damaging the small intestine:
                Reactive Hypoglycemia Info Blog Archive Celiac Disease and Reactive Hypoglycemia

                I started feeling a lot better three weeks ago when I started cutting out all gluten, even better than when just avoiding FODMAPs. Probably time to get some tests done, but I don't think the answer's going to be a great relief somehow.


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                  If you could schedule your appointment/blood draw at the doctor's office to conincide with a loopy spell, it might be work. Or they could do an oral glucose tolerance test, but that involves drinking a super-sugary drink :-( Either way, I hope you can figure out what's going on.


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                    Thanks! I'll be sure to report here. I think I'll be able to crack this case pretty soon - lots of new pieces to the puzzle!

                    I did an oral glucose test a month ago for SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) because I was convinced that the problem was there. To my great surprise, it turned out totally negative, no malabsorption whatsoever, i.e. no small intestine bacterial overgrowth, but I did feel ridiculously loopy from the 25g load of glucose. They were just checking for something else at the time...


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                      How sedentary are you? I vaguely remember feeling a bit like that when I was very inactive. If you go to a gym (i.e. a Tageskarte, not actually joining) and lift the heaviest weight you can lift off the ground a few times (this is called a deadlift), rest, then try again, until the amount you are able to lift really starts to fall and go home, later on on that day and the next couple of days see if you have the same reaction to sugar. Because I don't. I just did all that (yesterday evening) and today I wolfed down a big bowl of vanilla ice cream after a big steak, chips and peas. The sugar form the ice cream feels right and pleasant, very different to feeling almost high and overexcited when I have been idle.


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                        Hi billp,

                        I guess I'm mostly sedentary in that I sit all day and write, then get up and cook something, then write some more. But I don't have a car, so I ride my bike for 20 min. commutes 3-4 days a week, and I walk to the grocery store, carry my fancy bike up 3 flights of stairs, etc. I've been doing the PBF progressions for push-ups and squats at home everyday, and I do yoga about once a week at the gym and occasionally do the weights there (once every two weeks or so). I'm definitely still a weakling, but I'm a lot stronger than I was several months ago. But it's true that I haven't really gotten any real exercise since Saturday, so I'll see if I can tweak it based on whether I've done any real strength exercises...


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                          i thought so. I think if you did real strength exercises it would do wonders for your sugar metabolism. It definitely does mine. There is something about lifting something off the ground heavier than you have ever lifted before, that gives my appetite an edge for the rest of the week that I don't get from other things. I can cycle 18 miles home from work and it does nothing for me, but real weights leave me hungry for days and perfectly ready to have sugary things now and then. I asked other people in this forum about this ( and the explanation was that the intensity of weightlifting was so much more than cycling and that I really needed the extra food.

                          I don't think you will need to tweak anything based on how much you have lifted. You will just get hungrier and headachy if you don't have something sweet when you need it. Seems to be self-regulating.