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Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy

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  • Colonic irrigation/hydrotherapy

    Does anybody have any insight into this therapy?
    I have heard that it can be harmful to the bowel in some cases.
    Any info would be appreciated, before I book an appointment!!

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    This is just my personal opinion after being an alternative medicine doctor for 23 years - treating cancer patients and the like. A home colonic kit will work too. It may need more applications to get the results you want but it's only $12.81 and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. You can also do coffee enemas which are very effective at liberating toxin.

    Coffee enema: 1 cup strong coffee (hot) to 3/4 ltr. water. contents will warm at this point. Attach the hose and squeeze the bottom of the bag until liquid comes out. You don't want any air in there. Close the clamp. Set-down a dark towel on the bathroom floor, hold or hang the bag, lie on your right side, insert nozzle and unclamp the clamp. You may feel a feeling like you can't take any more (close the clamp) and massage the belly vigorously until the sensation subsides and repeat. administerin the enema. Try to get in all of the liquid. If you can hold it for at least 5 minutes. 10 would be better. Now it's time to sit on the pot and get rid of everything. This may take a bit for everything to come out. Clean the place-up and take a shower. You may get a pretty good buzz because the caffeine is absorbed directly into the blood stream.

    I hope this helps.


    Dr. Ettinger

    $12.81 on Amazon - Mabis Dmi Healthcare Combination Douche and Enemasystem with Water Bottle, Red, One Mabis Dmi Healthcare Combination Douche and Enemasystem with Water Bottle, Red, One: Health & Personal Care


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      Thank you!


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        Are you interested in getting a colonic as a way to treat chronic constipation, or are you just curious to try it out?

        I have suffered with chronic constipation on and off for the past 6+ years, and in my quest to find a cure, I tried colon irrigation a few times. It was great for cleaning out my clogged up system, but only provided temporary benefits - for a day or two I felt better mentally, because I knew I was 'cleaned out', but my constipation continued and a few days later it was like I'd never had a colonic - I went right back to feeling just as blocked up. $80 down the toilet, literally.

        So, I would say that it's really not worth the money, unless you need it for psychological reasons. A home enema works well to give a little extra 'push' if your're feeling stuck, and it's waaaaay cheaper.


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          I was looking into it as well, yet was not advised by my GP to do it.. here’s a link with not conclusive information, yet still..:
          Johns Hopkins: Digestive Disorders on risks of colonics: Johns Hopkins Health Alerts
          I was recommended this site instead: Colon Cleanse System | Cleanse and Detox Program | Fiber Products | All Natural Fiber Cleanse | Colonix® Program