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    Oh dear, I've definitely got keto-breath and I tell you, it ain't 'sweet'.

    I guess once I've lost the weight I want to I can up my carbs a bit.

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      I find it is best for me to stay in quite extreme ketosis - I do quite a bit of exercise and need to be burning fat. If I start to up my carbs, I get hungry all the time, miserable, and feel exhausted. It just works for me, but consequently, I am at risk for keto-breath (sweet or not, I don't want it!).

      Drink loads of water - your body will preferably excrete ketones through the urine. Also a hot shower (can you sauna) will remove some excess through the skin. I have a friend who is very sensitive to ketone breath, and she swears I don't have it when I follow this.

      It's not primal, but if I am working in close proximity to someone, I also have a stick of sugar free gum. Not usually more than 2/3 times a week though.

      Be warned, if you drink lots and lots of water your ketones in your urine will be diluted and ketostix will give you a 'trace' or very low reading, when actually you are burning a lot of them.